Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tabby Tuesday

I'm in my special hiding place.
I've got lots of nip toys in here.
See my kicker?

Working hard to make it cozy.
I'm decorating with some lovely paper.

Some scratches here.

Lots of scratches there.

There's no rest for the weary?
Or is it wicked?  MOL!

It doesn't matter!

As you can see, I have lots of welcoming
pieces of paper scattered about!

Now it's purrfect!
Come and join me before the sucky machine comes back out!

We missed you all!
The bad mom has been two timing us!
She says there is another little tabby that has stolen her heart.

OMC!  It's one of her TNR kitties.
Look at that sweet face!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Meow Like a Pirate Day

 Me-arg!  Avast ye ol' sea hag!
Tis not seemly to be dressed up and slapped on a cannon.

I'd druther walk the plank!

 Woe is me!
Me hearties, time to teach the sea hag photoshop.


There be lots of mateys meowing at the Tabby Cat Club.  Stop o'er and grab some grog and booty!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What We Have Been Up To

We can't believe it's been so long since our last post!  The mom has been slacking for sure!

First we want to thank everyone for their good wishes for the mom's surgery.  Those wishes worked so well that she canceled the surgery!  The big lump is still there but her leg has gotten so much better, she can cook, stand and sleep at night.  The surgery started sounding worse than what she is experiencing now - with drainage tubes for a week, not being able to get it wet, post-op pain, yadda yadda . . .

All kinds of things have happened have happened to us kitties!  We went to The Place That Must Not Be Named, and some of us are feeling our age a teeny bit.

You can see Carl is starting to get cataracts.  He's 17 years old now.
Julie had a quick dental to remove some tartar.
She broke a tooth (lower left fang) since last year and we wonder
if it was when she hurt her leg last spring.  Maybe she fell?
Anyway, she might have hyperthyroidism, we are watching her
and she'll go back for follow up testing in a couple months.
She's seventeen too.

Oui Oui waits her turn in The Girl's arms.  She just knows she is going to be violated!
 Mica Moo waits too, in the mom's arms.
It's just too scary to face!

The mom said good bye to her first ferals.  As a going away gift, they started eating out of the dishes when she was spooning out their food.  She could have petted them if she wanted.
That's some good stuff!

Now there is feral colony #2!
There are six cats but so far only four have shown themselves.
And these ones are so wild, the mom has to sit in the car
to take their pictures.
The local TNR group asked the mom to handle their
substitute care taker program and she is super excited to help!
And there is going to be a big winter shelter building event!
Fun times!

We hope everyone has been doing well!  Best wishes and fair skies to you all.  We hope to get back on track posting now that things are going better.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate all the hard working folks who schlep off to work and leave us kitties at home.  Alone, unplayed with and unscratched most week days, but today let's make up for it!

We know this is an American holiday, but we don't see why we shouldn't celebrate workers world wide!  So, here is to everyone who works every day, whether in an office, a manufacturing plant or in a home.  Let's commemorate the day with extra scritches and play time!

We can do it!
Happy Labor Day, everyone!

And here's a little laugh, something the mom saw online and thought was cute enough to share:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day Julie & Carl!

Happy 17 years of love to our Julie and Carl!

Time passes so quickly, it's hard to believe we have been together so long!

17 years ago, Carl and Julie were the youngsters in the family.

Back then there were Lumpy (white and cream) and Minnie Pumpkin (tortie) ruling the roost.
Breakfast with the kitties.

Julie showed off her tail at a young age.
Carl plays with a toy.

The Girl and Julie were kittens together.

Julie and Carl had been turned over to the mom's vet hoping she (the vet) would find them a good home.  Having known the mom since she had her first cat, the vet knew they would have a loving home with her.  The vet wanted her to adopt both since they were brother and sister.  Of course, how could anyone choose between the two?  And that is how the mom and The Girl walked into the vet's office with one kitty and left with three.

So Happy Gotcha Day, Julie and Carl!  Our lives would have been a lot less exciting without the two of you!  And we wouldn't change anything, we love you just the way you are!  (Shouldn't that be a song?  MOL)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our 3rd Blogoversary!

Hi Kitties!

Today is our 3rd Blogoversary!  The time has gone by so fast and we had no idea we could meow for so long!  We have enjoyed getting to know you all and the bestest thing about blogging is all the great kitties we have met!  Bloggers have the kindest hearts and are truly compassionate.

 I've been helping the mom since her injury.

We’d like to apologize for having been away for so long.  As you might remember, the mom injured her leg caring for some feral kitties.  Many have asked about how she is doing.  Well, it looks like surgery is in her future.

 We have exciting photos and news to share about the ferals.

Her leg is about the same as it was last month, and still very painful.  We never thought it would take so long to get better.  She had it x-rayed and thankfully nothing is fractured, but without surgery, it will take about a year for her leg to heal.  It’s a short 15 minute surgery, still it involves being put under and about a week recovery time.  She has surgery scheduled for September 18th.
Although our time has been limited lately,
we're looking forward to sharing more with you!

We have had the best of intentions to start posting but by the time the mom comes home from work, her leg hurts so badly she doesn’t feel like doing anything.  Maybe posting periodically would be a good compromise.  We have so much to share with you, including some exciting pictures of the ferals!
Thanks from all of us!

Thank you to all the kitties who have stopped by and shared our lives in the past three years.  We know you are busy kitties with lots to do, so we are honored you take time out to visit with us.


TwinketoeTails Kitties

Pee S,  It’s the mom’s birthday too, so you know she is going to have a wild evening sitting with her leg elevated!  MOL  (Could you tell our mom is a Leo?)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


NOMS Day (Not of Our Species Day) is a special day for us cause we have the bestest NOMS in our family!  We know you have seen our cousins before, but we love showing them off!

 Young Neville is the newest member.
He is about 6 months old and lives with big brother Kahn.

 Neville and Kahn love to eat!

When they hear The Girl, they come running!

Our other cousins are known as "The Carrots", cause the mom misunderstood The Girl when she was talking about the ferrets.

 We Carrots do the funniest things!

 Pepe Jack shows off his yoga skills.

 While Zena Marie shows her fashion sense.

 But over all we are SO cute!

And our tummies are as cute as any kittens!
And 5 times as long.
We think there should be a Carrot Tummy Day!
Have fun seeing all the NOMS!

There is a NOMS celebration going on at the Tabby Cat Club today too, so be sure to visit.