Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Dear Santy Claws,

Being Formerly Feral, this is all a little new to me.  I tried to be good this year.  I played with Oui Oui, and I'm learning to snuggle and be petted by the mom.

I try to get along with Carl, but he smells funny and I don't like him.  I keep checking, but every time I do, he smells the same.  Yucky.  I can't help going up to him and hissing.  Julie tries to kill me from under the door every night, so I try to kill her back.  Its almost like playing "pitty paws" under the door except we try to inflict bodily harm.  Neither of us has been hurt, so I think I can say I've been good.

You can bring me whatever you want.  I have everything I need, I haven't forgotten the cold, hungry days Out There.  Now that I'm inside, I haven't tried once to go out the door.  My only wish is for every kitty to have a good home with lots of good foods.

I left some Temptations out for you since Julie ate most of the Beachside Crunch.

Mica Minnie Moo


Fuzzy Tales said...

Mica Minnie Moo, we think it's wonderful you wrote that you have everything you need. That's beautiful, truly. If we think about it, we kitties with loving homes do have everything we need, without new toys and treats and kitty furniture. Really. We're blessed.

Marg said...

That really is terrific that you wrote that you have everything you need. We know just how you feel. We too have everything we need. Food, roof over our heads, toys and many treats. Hope you have some good holidays.

Lucy the Cat said...

You're so sweet, Mica Minnie Moo! The best wish ever is for all kitties to have loving, forever homes.


p.s. Simba probably smells worse than Carl but since I've lived with him for about 15 years, I've decided to tolerate him. Actually, I kind of pity him because he's not too bright.

ABBY said...

Mica Minnie Moo
We think Santa Paws will be enchanted by what you wrote and he will leave you a wonderful stocking full!

Avalons Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Oh Sweet Mica Minnie Moo You are such a Sweet baby. This iz Ana her: me am the only one here at the Cottage dat rememberz what owtside iz like.... All da otherz came to live at da Cottage when dey were furry young. So me can totally relate to efurythin you haz so Beautifully said ^..^ me rememberz bein hungry,alone,cold and wet , fur such a long,long time den me got furry lucky too... Yes, we are furry Blessed and me too wish wif All my heart dat EFURYFurry haz home and food and lotz ov Love.
You are Furry Good girl.... me sure Sandtoe haz some furry Special thinz jus fur you ^..^ :)

Merry Chrismouse Mica Minnie Moo xoxo Purrz~ Ana

pee ess; don't feelz bad, Gabriel iz my nemisis..... we don't get along AT all!! He alwayz chasin me.... me don't like him ^..^

meowmeowmans said...

Mica Minnie Moo, you are so sweet, and so right. We, too are blessed and have everything we need!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Mica Minnie Moo
We love you
See we can do rhymes too if not very good ones!
We are delighted to hear that you have all your needs being looked after in your furever home. We do too and doesn't it give you a lovely warm feeling inside.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Island Cats said...

Mica Minnie Moo...we know Santa Claws will bring you lots of fun stuff...because you really deserve it...even if you already have everything you need.

Jewel said...

Hope you have a good Christmas - sounds like you're making good progress on adapting from being feral.

the meezers said...

Mica honey you are very generous and you have been a very good girl.

Camie's Kitties said...

MMM - ever since we found our forever homes, we haven't wanted to go outside either. We are so glad you have everything you need. Getting a forever home is the best present in the world anyway.

Cody and Gracie