Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adopt A Less Adoptable Cat

Also, we have some exciting news about an award from Cat Wisdom 101 at the end of the blog!


The Mom has had many kitties over the years, and she'd like to talk about 2 of them.  They were both favorite kitties who ran to the bridge many years ago but whom she still misses.  The first one was Robbie, a happy little tabby who adopted the Mom when he was about 1 year old.  The other, Lumpy, was adopted by the Mom when he was 8 years old. The younger kitty died of leukemia when he was 7, and the older one lived until he was 18.  Her point is the age of the kitty is no indication of how long they will be with you.

September 22, 2000 was the day Lumpy passed away from kidney failure and cancer.  It took a lot to overcome him cause he was a tenacious fighter.  The Mom talked a little about him in an early blog, but this is his story.  He had a hard start in life, and many quirks later on (which also made him an undesirable cat).  The Mom's sister found him in Morgan City, Louisiana crawling out of a bayou across from where she worked.  He had been torchered and thrown from a moving car.  He was missing teeths and furs from all over his body.  He was covered with lumps (its how he got his name) and his chin was 3 times its normal size.  Whatever they did to his paws, the pads were deformed the rest of his life.  The sister had him for a few years, but couldn't keep him cause they couldn't have pets where they lived.

Lumpy knew his place in life, and no one was going to usurp it.  He gave way to no one, in particular were the battles over who was going to sit where.  If he wanted a spot, it was his.  You could sit on him, he wasn't moving.  A compromise was the best one could hope for, fortunately he liked being a lumbar pillow and would purr happily for hours behind someone's back.  He had his spot at night too - partly on the Mom's arm, head on her pillow & under the covers.  A couple of V.E.T.s said he was part Meezer.  He didn't look like one, but he was always long, thin and lean with the skinniest tail ever.

We apologize for the pix.  The Mom dug out some old ones and took new pictures of them so she could post them.

Lumpy (on the bottom) certainly didn't give way to other cats.

He wasn't going to give way to new born babies either (this is The Girl).

The Mom's sister at her baby shower (a different sister than the one who rescued him).  You see who's on the edge of the couch.

IN OTHER NEWS Cat Wisdom 101 has passed an "You are an Inspiration"  Award to us!  We are so honored!  We think purry highly of Cat Wisdom 101 for the thoughtful and insightful articles (as well as their beautiful cats). Layla does such a wonderful job!  We just can't say thank you enough!  One day, the Mom may be able to down load the award onto this site.  She's a little goofy that way.  Maybe someone knows how?


MoMo said...

Thanks for sharing Lumpy's story. SS's family has taken many cats before, all of whom were rescues and all were of different ages. So true that older cats don't necessary have more health problems or die sooner.

Brian said...

That is a great story about Lumpy! Older cats are wonderful and there are not any less adoptable critters, just lesser informed humans!

Hannah and Lucy said...

The way our mum loads award is to put it into "my pictures" and then go to blogger dashboard and put it on your blog as you would do a photograph and refer it back to whoever gave it to you and then pass it on to other blogs when you have answered questions required.
If you want to pass on to other blogs put a note in their comments to tell them you are passing it on to them.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Fuzzy Tales said...

The mom often thinks she'll adopt senior kitties after us, or adopt adults when we're older, if we live to any great age. Chumley was young when adopted (her first), between 2 and 3, and Annie was around a year. We were 6 months old when adopted, pretty young. The mom's never had a young kitten, actually.

Marg said...

Yup, we are all for adopting older cats. We enjoyed the story about Lumpy.It sounds like everyone sure has a good home at that house.
Hannah and Lucy gave you a good description of how to get the award. Just right click the award and save it to where your pictures go. The put it on your blog the same way you do the pictures. Oh and congra rats on the award.

Meowers from Missouri said...

oh, we luffed lumpy's story, although our mommer got a little leaky (when she started thinkin' about what his life had been like before)! but we reminded her the 'portantest part of the story was the "after", an' we blesses an' thanks your human fur bein' there fur him!

ABBY said...

We think Lumpy lived a long and very happy life and he was rewarded with much love and care from you. It breaks our hearts when monstrous humans do things to defenseless animals. WE are just so glad you were there for Lumpy and showed him the best of human love and kindness. Thank you for sharing his story.

The Monkeys said...

Great post! We know age doesn't mean much about how long a cat has left to live, but we do know it feels fantastic to give your home and self to an older kitty or dog who REALLY needs it! Your Mom is awesome and we think Lumpy was very handsome!

Oskar said...

What a wonderful love story!

Nubbin wiggles,

The Meezers or Billy said...

thanks for sharing Lumpy's story!! he sounds like a great guy!

Lucy the Cat said...

I ditto what Abby said. I'm so glad you gave Lumpy such a great home. I love older kitties. Thanks for sharing these stories.

Annie's home and has eaten too. I'm so glad!!

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

We are so happy to hear about Lumpy and welcome again to the cat blogging world!

Au and Target said...

Lumpy sounds a real treasure!