Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thinking Thursday....

What's in a name?

The Mom has been thinking (Careful!).  She's been thinking there's lots of interesting stories behind kitty names.  So she would like to hear Naming Stories.  She thinks they could be as good as Gotcha Stories.  Here's ours:

Oui Oui:  My real name is Sweet Pea.  The Mom liked Jubilee better cause I ran and ran for 20 minutes when I first came to my home (it felt that good to be out of a cage) but she was over ruled by the Girl.  I was always happy and ready to play, and never said "No" to any play time.  So she started calling me "Yes Yes" in French (its said with a French accent, of course!).

Mica Minnie Moo:  The rescue people called her Mica.  The Mom & Girl thought it was a pretty name.  All kitties with tortie markings or calicos have had "Minnie" as part of their name in honor of the Mom's granny.  The granny called all kitties "Minnie" or "Minnie the Moocher" no matter what their real name was.  When the Mom's Mom was adopted by a tortie, the tradition started.  There's been Minnie, Minnie Pumpkin, Minnie Cooper and now Mica Minnie Moo.  Mica Minnie or Minnie Mica didn't sound right, so Moo was added to her name.

Carlos Raphael Camaro:  The Girl named him after a little boy she knew and the (Baltimore) Orioles slugger Raphael Palmeiro, but she didn't quite get the name right (she was only 5).  Famous baseball player or sports car, they're both manly!

Julie:  Real name Jewell.  She was cute, she was adorable, and the Mom needed a name quick.  The girl at the V.E.T.s spelled it with 2 L's.

That's it.  What are your naming stories?  We'd love to hear!  In a comment or a post, we'd like to know!


MoMo said...

'Mo' refers to animal fur in Chinese. I have long hair, so my SS doubled it up and named me MoMo. I am sure that's not how the Chinese make plurals or comparatives.

BTW I am also known as Mini.

The Island Cats said...

This is a great idea!! We may hafta do a post about it too!

Wally is named after our mom's dad...isn't that weird?? His name was Walter, but mom doesn't like that name so she took a nickname of it. Thus Wally!

Ernie is named after Ernest Hemmingway because he had lots of polydactyls and Ernie is a poly.

Zoey...well, mom wanted a name that ended in "y" and she liked Zoey. Nothing special.

Now we all have nicknames...we'll save that for another day!

The Meezers or Billy said...

So here are our stories

Sammy - Samuel Alfonse Meezer (SAM) - I told the mom that my name was Sam. I said "I AM SAM, SAM I AM".

Miles Phillipee Meezer - So the dad named me Miles, which goes with Sam, as a reference to one of the dad's favorite movies The Maltese Falcon. I love mine name and I will always come when called. I am also called POOSIE, which is stupid, but I also come when the mom calls that name. You nefur know when there will be foods. POOSES are generally what cats in New England (where the mom lived for years) are called.

Billy SweetFeets Norton Gingersnap - well, when ME was finded ME was a mess, so the mom lady person was mean and named me after Bill the Cat from Bloom County (efen the v-e-t laffed and then said "that's not right"). Auntie Deb from The Taylor Cats named me SweetFeets 'acause when ME was a baby ME liked to get mine feets wet all the time. Norton is in honor of mine great ginger grampa Norton who lived with the mom lady person and dad man lady person for almost 18 years. Gingersnap 'acause ME is GINGER!!

Nicholas FuzzyPants Meezer - I was named Nicholas in honor of St Nicholas - mine gotcha day is 12/23 and I was mommy's chrissymouse gift from God. I has Fuzzy Pants or so the mom says. ::SIGH::.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Hannah is my name because mum thought it was nice but now she calls me HannyWanny - don't even think of asking what I think about that!!
Lucy was named Lucy and is mostly called Lucy although sometimes it's Lucy Loo.
Don't ask what we call mum cos we're not breathing a word in case we get no dinner!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

ABBY said...

Mom was looking for a lap kitty (she had Jinx,Ping & Boo only then) and she started working with a rescue group. She said she was looking for a small tuxie girl. They called her and said that they had one but I was 5 did it matter, no, it didn't. So When Mom saw me across the room she fell in love. She came up to me and took me out of the cage and held me. I was so scared I hung on with everything I had. You see I was the pet of a 7 yr old girl who Daddy did not like me and he wanted to get rid of me. Mom did not know this until she got there. the other mean Daddy told the rescue people if the lady coming to see me did not want me to dump me behind the store and not to bring me back. When my real Mom heard that she knew she wasn't going to let them take me back. Well they told her my name was Abby and since I had lived with that name for nearly 6 years she didn't want to change it, so that is how I became Abby.

Brian said...

I,m afraid ours are not nearly as exciting, we all came her with our names already. Oh, except for Gracie, she was named Smokey but our Dad and Mom didn't think that was good. They named here after Princess Grace. Gracies official name is Princess Grace of Carolina.

Marg said...

We have lots of name stories but it would take too long right now. We love hearing your name stories. They are good ones. Our Mom names us weird names, like Ohs, Tees and Bees. That has a good story to it. Take care and have a great day tomorrow. By the way, good for you knowing the name of that fruit. It is persimmons and the donkeys and goat love them.