Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Use the stink eye on the V.E.T.
Just before Irene hit the Mom and Girl took us to the V.E.T., but we haven't had time to talk about that black day cause we were introducing ourselves.  The beans thought they were pretty slick.  They put the PTU's out the day before and at the last moment, one nabbed Oui Oui and the other got Mica Moo while they were peacefully watching their favfurrite TV shows.  They were unceremoniously dumped in the PTUs and whisked away to be poisoned.  Or maybe made into a pie.  Oui and Mica hollered and protested, but frankly, they were too nice.  I won't go into all the nasty little details, but after the V.E.T. put her fingers where no fingers ever belonged, she started insulting them in the most VILE way!  She told sweet Oui Oui she was a 6 out of 10 on the fat scale and, even worse, told Mica she was a 7!!!
Get your fingers outta there!

When they got home, it was Julie's and my turn.  Being older kitties, we knew what was up.  I laughed to my self when they were walking through the house looking for us and the Mom said, "You would never know a cat lived here."  Cause we were scarce, that's why.  I got to use camouflage in a most manly way!  I hid in with some STUFFED ANIMALS.  Girl cats would NEVER have thought of that he-man trick!  Julie hid in some totally lame!

Usually Julie and I compete to see who can embarrass the Mom the most, but we never the got chance.  The Mom showed the V.E.T. a spot on Julie and the V.E.T. said it was fleas.  We are indoor cats!!!  So we behaved cause they started talking about BATHS!!  Good Bastet!  The day was going from bad to worse!  After the insults (Julie was told she was a 7 and I was told I'm an 8.  SO sorry, I'm a big mancat and I'm a perfect 10), we went home to hell and a tub of water.  Cussing, scratching and biting ensued.  But that's for next time.  Not bragging or anything, but I got the bestest huge mancat bite in on the Girl.

One very unhappy camper

Note on the fleas:  A new woofie has come to live next door.  On the other side of the woofie there are 2 stunning Burmese kitties, also indoor cats.  The week following our unfortunate discovery, they discovered they had fleas too!  We don't know if they came in on the beans clothes, or if they passed through the walls (these are town homes) from the woofie but the infestation was just starting.  No one was itchy or scratching, no flea dirt was visible anywhere (but one place on Julie where she couldn't reach cause she's a 7).  The Mom had a fit and did laundry for 9 hours.  She hasn't had fleas since her last woofie back in the 80's.  The Mom wants us to say this so you will know to check your kitties, even if they stay inside.


MoMo said...

Oh yes, the dreaded fleas!!! I get checked alla time because I am a partly outdoor kitty. Since I have been getting the monthly "Revolution" drops things have been much better. Another reason SS doesn't like visiting kitties, but there is not much she could do about it.

I have the opposite problem - I am underweight. The vet says I need fattening up every time but I am not a good eater and never eat all the food that I am supposed to. Ham and cheese are different, but they are treats only.

Hiding from the PTU doesn't help. It eventually gets you, wherever you are hiding. I haven't found a perfect spot yet in the last 13 years. So, give up, it's futile!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Mum puts a spot on flea deterent on the back of our necks every month and we don't have fleas (we do go outside and hunt the odd mousie too).
Perhaps your mom could get something to treat you.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx