Saturday, September 3, 2011


I can finally tell the story of how JULIE TRIED TO KILL ME!  I could stand up to the other kitties, but no one stands up to Julie.  She hates every living creature on earth but the Lady.  The way she squeaks and purrs at her is absolutely disgusting!!!  When baby Oui came to live here, it was a year before she could be trusted with her. Of course, Oui had learned to fear Julie, but she never gave up on friendly gestures or hoping to play with her.  She is a purry nice kitty!

I, being the smart street cat, knew her for what she was - a demon with an angel face!!  We were allowed to look at each other through a tower of baby gates.  One day when the Lady was away all day doing what she does most every day, Julie broke down the baby gates.  There was one helluva fight!  In every room!  Pillows off all the beds and couches!  Covers on the floor!  Trash baskets over turned!  Even the black rubber thingy in the kitchen sink was knocked out of place!  I fought valiantly, and clumps of Julie's hair were all over the house.  I don't have the thick furs she has to protect me, and SHE BIT ME!  When the Lady got home, I was so tired I didn't want to eat.  The Lady thought Julie lost the fight cause of all the furs.  But she was just hiding in the basement CAUSE SHE KNEW HOW BAD SHE WAS!!!  She didn't even have a scratch!  Is that fair???

For 2 days I didn't let the Lady touch me, when I did she had to wait til "Monday" to call the V.E.T.  The night before she called, I started sneezing and late on "Monday" my eyes got infected. The V.E.T. poked and pinched me, and I was there for almost a week.  Julie Komodo Dragon infected me with her teeth of doom and other infections were setting in. The V.E.T. put tubes in my side and I had to stay alone for weeks until the tube holes closed up.  The V.E.T. was worried I would have to go through it a second time, but I am young.  And a fighter.  So I didn't.

A couple weeks later, the Lady walked across the hall to put pillows on the Girl's bed cause she was coming home to eat turkey. I guess they don't have that where she lives.   I was in the Lady's bedroom and the door was shut.  Julie pushed the door open, ran in AND SHE BIT ME AGAIN!!!   While the Lady put the pillows on the bed!!  How long does that take?  10 seconds?  But I didn't get sick!

Since then, every night we try to kill each other from under the door. Lots of kitties like to play pitty paws under the door.  You can tell from the way we do it, we are trying to inflict as much damage as possible on the other.  The Lady tells us to stop, but we don't listen.  Ever.  She calls it "picking at the scab".  So long as we do it, things will never get better she says.

The Lady visited me at the V.E.T. and took a picture of my tubes

Julie rested in comfort.  She doesn't even look sorry!


Marg said...

Julie does sound like she is not a nice cat. She sure is pretty though. Maybe Mom should get a squirt gun or bottle and squirt Julie every time she attacks anyone. We sure hope that she doens't attack OuiOui. We would he upset. Take care and have a great week end.

Brian said...

Oh my goodness, maybe a good nap will help me ponder on that. But I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

The Island Cats said...

Wow! And we thought we had it bad with the She-Devil Zoey who lives with us!! She wants to attack Wally...but our mom won't let her get close to him. We hope you and Julie can come to some kind of truce.