Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Running Secrets #1


What happens when you run?  Do your beans laugh at you?  Mine laugh at me, and do you know why?  They think my stride should get longer when I run, BUT IT DOESN'T!!  When I run, my legs just move faster but my stride stays the same length.  So they laugh at my fast moving toes and flashing feet!  In fact, that's how I earned the nickname "Twinkletoes".  They even use it as a verb, as in "Oui Oui is twinkletoeing."

I  can't be the only kitty out there who twinkletoes.  Oops, now they have ME doing it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goodbye, My Girl!

The Girl come home from collich for the holidays and everyone was excited to see her again.

Time was very short, and we had to say good bye before we had done everything we hoped to.

The Girl and Oui Oui say goodbye.

Good luck with finals!  The Christmas Holidays will be here soon!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you have an excellent day filled with love, family, friends and kitties!  We give thanks for all we are blessed with.   Thank you to our blogger friends who choose to do us the honor of sharing themselves and their lives with us, and for taking the time to share in ours.  God bless you all!

We're wishing good noms to all our kitty friends!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whisker Wednesday

The Mom has been trying to get some pictures of Julie's LONG whiskers.  She still trying, but here are her eyebrow whiskers.

If you look really close, you can see her eyebrow whiskers arcing against the window.

You can see them here. 

Given her crankypants purrsonality, they are probably horns, not whiskers.
Some even stick straight up like horns.
(The mom didn't get their full length in this shot - unfortunately and typical!)


I can't believe what I just saw in the kitchen!!  LOOK! 

EVERYONE laughed at me, but I WAS RIGHT!  The mom is practicing her pies!  She IS going to make Mica Crumb Pie!  Oh!  Oh!! Oh!!  WHERE am I going to hide???

Yo, Henny Penny, calm down.  It's not even a pie, its a quiche!  You're such a silly girl, Mica Moo.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Early in the morning, the Slowpoke leisurely eats her breakfast.  She stops to look around, lick her lips, listens for the birds outside.
Meanwhile the Vultures are done with their breakfasts and are circling...

The Slowpoke moves around her bowl, taking her time and savoring every bite, while Vulture #1 is warned away.  Vulture #1 moves along to other bowls; there is plenty of time.

Vulture #2 has been waiting just outside the door for the moment the Slowpoke's done.  He makes his move.

Vulture #1 is back after finishing the bits from Vulture #2's breakfast.  Its the third bowl she's eaten from today.  Any wonder her nickname is Waddles?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


We hope you have an enjoyable Sunday, no matter how you spend it.

Whether you're watching TV 

 Or friends drop by to visit

Playing your favorite sport

Pampering yourself

Or just relaxing

Have a wonderful day!  That's an order!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Feline Fun Facts

The mom found some facts she thought were interesting and wanted to share.

A - Sir Issac Newton invented the cat flap so his kitties could visit him in his lab.
B - Cat urine glows under black light.  (I don't think I want to see every pee-mail.)
C - Kitties purr at about the same frequency as idling diesel engines - 26 cycles/ second.
D - Cats wrinkle their noses when puzzled or insulted.  (Or if they smell something they don't like.  We laugh at little Oui when she does this.)

That's it!  Have a great day & a relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ohhhhh.........Look what I found on my pillow!  YUM! YUM!  My Absolute Favorite - ICE CREAM!  Its my lucky day!

Ah!  The smell!  Its intoxicating! 

Where do I start!

I'll never tell how much I ate!

That mom is a real kill joy!  She won't let me have the chocolate part.  I think she just wants it all for herself!  I LOVE ice cream and I'm not particular about the flavor.  I'm glad the mom shares, its one reason I love her so much.  If the bowl looks really big, like in the first 2 photos, does that mean I get more?  I have only one regret - the ice cream wasn't packed down and I could have eaten lots more!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


MMM grabbed the bestest kitty pillow before I could get to it!

Now I have to wait... 

 And wait...

 And WAIT... 

Patience is a virtue

The mom:  Humph!  You should try practicing it before breakfast, Carl!

Twain Tuesday (or Kitten Billiards)

Some writers, like Hemingway, are well known for their love of cats.  Did you know Mark Twain was one of them?  I didn't for a long time.  But he always had cats, and liked to keep kittens in his pockets for their company and entertainment value. (Why didn't I ever think of that?!)  He loved playing billiards, especially with a kitten tucked in a corner pocket!  Click here to see a photo of Twain & his kitten playing pool.  So cute, and its a classic little tabby too!  If I remember correctly, this kitten was from a litter by his favorite cat.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'll never tell what I've been up to!
(Notice the manly claw showing on my back paw?)

We heard about the world wide moment, and would like to remember those who came before:  Leia, Attila, Robbie, Hobbes, Kimba, Lumpy, Toby and Minnie Pumpkin.  You are all greatly missed!  And never to be forgotten.


I am taking a break from my Sunday reading to tell you the mom survived working 14 hour days last week.  Remember the extra hour last Sunday?  She used it to write the posts for the week, so all she had to do was post them each day.  Then if she had time, she could comment.  By Thursday, she only did 1 comment before she started to fall asleep at the computer!  For those of you who missed it, the story of The Garbage Disposal Cat (we posted about it earlier in the week) is worth visiting.  Now we can get caught up and back to normal!  (Or what passes for normal for us.)  Thanks to all and enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Formerly Feral Tip # 3

Sleep with one eye open

You NEVER know what is lurking near you.  A Vishus Deer under the bed, an Evil Kitty skulking at the window, an Alien Pod-Mom down stairs rolling out the crust for Mica Crumb Pie!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Make the Bed

This is the proper way to make a bed.  Special thanks to the mom who saved the best part of crackers for me - the empty boxes!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



The mom here.  I wanted to share with you my very favoritest kitty story.  I stumbled on it a couple years ago, just surfing the web.  Pull up a comfy seat, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy (its really not a long story).  I know you are just the type of person to have a good laugh over it.  Its about Rudy, The Garbage Disposal Cat.  Don't worry, its a real story and doesn't have one of those lame internet story endings.


Last week we received a package in the mail from the astute and enlightening Layla at Cat Wisdom 101.  The mom has been working long hours, so we FINALLY got to open it.  Can you believe she insisted on being here when the box was opened?

It was filled with all kinds of wonderful things!  There were 25 lbs of Fresh & Light litter.  Its 25% lighter than regular litter, and its sustainable!  Its also low dust and has superior odor control.  WE'LL put that one to the test, won't we, Mica Moo?  Carl LOVES finding new things to pee on, so he is really excited about this.  We're a little worried, we hope the mom won't miss kitty litter in her bed too much.

There was also a coupon for more litter, a PetSmart gift card, a Fresh & Light totebag, the latest Cat Fancy Magazine and TOONA Tartar Control Temptations!  And especially for Oui Oui, crinkle paper and the box!!!  Did we not make out like bandits?  Thank you so much, Layla!  You are absolutely the BEST!

Oui Oui & MMM (see her toes?) check out the box.
Carl actually showed up first to make sure no vishus trolls were hiding in the box, but the girls ran him off.

It just needs a little Eau De Oui Oui to make it purrfect. 

Oui Oui:  Wow!  Look at all this great stuff!
MMM:  Wow!  Look at this great box! 

I'm taking up residence.

The totebag is purrfect too - so comfy. 

The box is just the right size for a bath. 

What else was in there besides Mica Moo? 

It IS roomy now that I let mom take the litter out. 

 Look, Mica Moo, you need to share.

That's better.

Can't you share a little with me, Oui?

No, Mom, I'm not eating the crinkle paper! 

 That's MY crinkle paper!
(Any reason is a good reason to wrastle.)

 Carl gets to show off his hoovering abilities.

Oui is much more dainty, even with Toona Temptations! 

Ahahaha!  Now its mine.  Lets see who dares to get near!

A great time was had by all!  Although the girls monopolized things at first, everyone was able to join in the fun.  Thanks for the really great give away, Layla!  Last one in the litter box is a rotten egg!