Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!








Happy New Year!

Wishing you a bright, glorious
New Year
filled with love, joy and prosperity.

**  The more things change, the more they stay the same???  We hope not!  Here's to a better 2014!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day!

Happy Boxing Day, Everyone!
We are so excited its Boxing Day!

As kitties, you know there is nothing . . . 

 . . . we enjoy more than a good box!

The thought of a day . . . 

 . . .  dedicated to boxes makes us all giddy!
Yes, yes, we know, Boxing Day isn't really about boxes, but we just couldn't resist!  So Happy Boxing Day!  Enjoy yourself, the presents AND the boxes! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013








And The Girl and mom too.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowy Day


Mica Moo watched the snow fall from the warmth of the Kitty TV this past Tuesday.

Does she remember the snows from the days and years she spent living on her own Out There?

Julie has other ideas on how to spend a snowy day. 

Did I hear the click of that annoying box?
Oui Oui heard it too!
(Oh!  Look at that precious sleepy face!)

Purrhaps you ladies need some mancat help!
Everyone enjoy yourselves and have a safe weekend!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Little Lilly

Kitties, you were wonderful!  How kind, caring and generous you are!  Because of you, Lilly can have her operation.  In one day the money needed for her operation was raised, and she no longer has to suffer in pain.  How totally pawsome you all are!  When my post first appeared, Lilly had $220 towards the $600 she needed.  Now, about 20 hours later, she has the full $600!  How awesome is that!

Thank you to all who helped.  To those who gave willingly, to those who shared and tweeted.  You all gave of your hearts and Lilly is blessed because of you.   The Girl has a special thank you for helping to make Lilly's life better and she is so appreciative of everyone's efforts.

We are grateful to know each of you, and to be able to call you friend.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.  This is our Christmas miracle.  God bless you all!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Meet Lilly

Darling little Lilly, a friendly kitten
and the runt of her litter.

Isn't Lilly sweet?  She is a very lucky kitten in many ways.  She has a warm home and a loving family.  As a former feral, that's much more than what she was born with.  As lucky as she is, she has a major problem.

Recently the family dog hopped on the couch, unaware Lilly was sleeping there and landed on top of her.  She was in distress and couldn't put weight on one of her legs.  Her x-ray showed her femur was broken near her hip joint, and her leg needs to be amputated.  The amputation will not only give her a second chance at life, but will end the terrible pain she lives in.  Unfortunately, the young woman who took her in doesn't have the $600 for the operation.  The other option is euthanasia, something no one wants.

Life on pain pills is no way to live.

Lilly lives near The Girl, and The Girl asked me to ask people to open their hearts in this season of giving so Lilly can receive the care she needs so badly, and be given relieve from her suffering.  No amount is too small, and any amount is so greatly appreciated.  Even $5 or $10 is a wonderful gift!

Here are her links where you can read more about her and help support her operation:

We know things are tight for so many.  If you can't help financially, would you tweet and link to her pages to help get the word out?  We thank you.  And Lilly thanks you too.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Fun

Upon the mom's return, she found this once intact wand toy in pieces on the floor.  Seems a certain small striped mammal found her favorite "Julie Tail" toy and had some rocking fun tearing clumps of "fur" out of it!

Any comments?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Stay safe and have fun!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nom, nom, nom

Kitties, have you missed us?  We know you know what the excuse is!  The mom is busy, the holidays are coming, blah, blah, blah . . .  We are laughing at her, cause this is her Novemnber Chewy review!  How bad can you get?

This month we tried Weruva Cats in the Kitchen. 
The favor was Mack, Jack and Sam 
(Mackerel, Skipjack Tuna and Salmon),
and it comes in easy open pouches.  

Yum!  Nice and fishy!  And in gravy too.

Its made from people grade ingredients in a human processing plant, so you know its of the highest quality.  They know we are obligate carnivores, so there are no fillers either.

Mica Moo is in training inspecting boxes, under Oui Oui's supervision, of course.  She probably knew the box means food too.

Uh oh!  Its chunks in gravy.
While the mom was impressed with the food, 
would Oui Oui be?

Well, moss didn't grow under her feet!

At least one kitty didn't mind!
MMM chowed down hers and then ate Oui Oui's.

The Glutton Twins loved it too!
In fact, they were so insistent, 
they just barely made it upstairs.

So its a 3 out of 4.  That's an "A" in our book!  The ones who ate it really enjoyed this food.  The one who didn't, well, what else is new??

These are our opinions, and we didn't receive anything other than the sample we tried.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

We Have Cousins!

We wanted to say we hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving but its apparent not everyone did.  We saw there has been some very sad news, like the passing of Tillie, while we were away, and we're sure everyone knows how sick the kitties, especially Gracie, are at Brian's Home.  We are hoping and praying they all recover soon, as we are for Tillie's loved ones.

We had quite a Thanksgiving surprise when the mom arrived at The Girl's.  We have cousins!

 Meet Zena Marie (left) and Pepe Jack (right).

Look quickly cause they don't hold still for long!
 They did like the mom's slippers.

And they love to explore, no matter what is put out for them.
Did we mention they are fast?

We hate to think of what trouble they might get into if left alone for a half hour! They make us kitties seem very well behaved and sedate.
Waking up, the faces of innocence.

The Girl agreed to take the ferrets when a friend could no longer keep them.  They are young, born last April and are brother and sister.  Now the mom isn't sure what is more fun to watch - kittens playing or ferrets romping around on their stubby little legs.  Its heresy, we say!  She tried to get videos of them, but she might have to break out the real camera for that!

We kitties were glad to see our mom.  She said all the food was good and everyone had a great time Thanksgiving day.  Now we are all glad to be back together.

Also in residence at The Girl's is Luna, 
a friend's Guinea Pig.
Luna will be staying until her owner has a place that allows pets.

It didn't take The Girl long to start her own menagerie, did it?