Monday, July 30, 2012


I've been taking lessons from Mica Minnie Moo, who is my streetwise sister.  She excels at survival skills, having lived on her own Out There, and she has been tutoring me.

Today's lesson is:  The Art of Hiding!

I know I have a little ways to go, but MMM is very pleased with my progress.  Just another lesson or two and I can graduate!  The next series of lessons will be "Stealth".  How cool is that?!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm going to talk frank Mancat talk here!  

I don't know about you, but I am just about voted out!  I have been voting for my favorite everythings and I sure will be happy when I can snooze in the sunpuddles without worrying about voting.  I try to do my civic duty, but being a mancat, I'd rather sleep!  Or possibly eat.  Bathing is good too, when I'm in the mood.  And so is singing.  And its a little confusing with the Cat-O-Lympics, Petties and everything going on at the same time.  Further, I bet the winners are dying to know who they are so they can stop sitting at the edge of their seats.  I know I would, had I worked up the energy to enter anything.  I'm not a little busy body like Oui Oui.

So after complaining, I'm going to point out one more thing you can do.  Have you noticed the "Unsung Hero" Award at the Petties?  Do you have an unsung hero?  I don't qualify cause I love singing, so I would be in the "Singing Hero" cat-o-gory.  If you have a favorite volunteer type person, you can nominate them and the pet charity of their choice would win $10,000 if they are chosen!  So the next time you are at the Petties, nominate someone.

If you don't have a particular person in mind, but want to help some kitties by nominating a purrson, there is Kevin Hattori, the actual Meowmeowmans himself, the brains and wit behind Animal Shelter Volunteer Life.  He has been helping kitties for 15 years, and I know you know how excellent PAWS is. Here is a link to a an interview at Mousebreath so you can learn something about him.  There is even a cute love story for you romantic ladycats.  And here is a link to the nomination form.

Ok, I'm done stumping.  A warm spot in the sun awaits me!  Thanks for listening.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Fun moments on a Friday!

Hee, Hee!  Oui Oui said making a mess then sleeping in it is fun!
I'm testing her theory.
She also advised looking cute if I thought the mom might get mad. 

 Little brown teddy!  Little brown teddy!  How I love playing with you!

I love playing with The Girl, and I miss her a lot.  I hope she'll come visit soon.  What do those horses have that I don't?
This toy features nip and feathers.  What's not to love?  Its a favorite with everyone!

Here's my Lovey.  Its my very first toy from when I was a teeny kitten and just gotcha'd.  Whenever I play with it, I'm a kitten all over again.  See how loved it is?  Its a Manx Mouse now!

Gasp!  Someone caught me playing and exposing my belly?  La de dah dah dah . . . nothing happening here.


If you haven't gone over and voted for PAWS at Sparkle's page, please consider doing so.  Its so easy!  To read a little about PAWS and learn how to vote, click here (see end of post).  To vote click here.  Many needy, abused and homeless kitties who have no other place to go will thank you.  You don't have to have a blog to vote.  There's just a couple more days!  To those who did go over, thanks!  You're awesome!

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend!  Purrs to all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Finally, I've eluded that pesky sister, Mica Minnie Moo.

 Now I can enjoy my favorite TV show in peace.
Chipmunk Capers is just starting.

Was that a flashy box I heard?
The Stink Eye better work,
 or its the Paw of Doom for someone.


Please help our dear furriends at PAWS win some much needed money!  Its really easy, just click on the link then click on their name.  You may know them as Meowmeowmans at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life.

They do such great work, never turning away a kitty with "impurrfections", including ones who need expensive medical care.  Rejected by other shelters, their kitties have no where else to go.  The kitties go through rehab then are found loving homes.  You can make a difference in these unfortunate animals lives by helping PAWS.  Click here then vote for PAWS of Ct (in the seventh box from the top on the right hand side).  For even more warm and fuzzy feelings, tell your furriends!  Thanks!  Hugs and kitty kisses to you all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wondering Wednesday

 Zzzzzzzz . . . 

 Mommy!  Breakfast!

 I said Breakfast!!

 Mommy!  NOW!

Its the back of disdain for you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tabby Toes Tuesday

 We tabbies have fabulous toes!
No matter what we do they are stylish and functional.
For more tabby toes, go to The Tabby Cat Club

MMM & Julie wanted to show their toes too!
Unfortunately, Carl's toes tend to blend in with the rest of him.

 Mica Moo sports Vanilla and Chocolate toes.

Julie's toes are so fluffy, they don't even look like they are there.
And look at those toe tufts!

And please forgive us for not commenting tonight.  Mahoney was one of the first kittens we watched grow up and we couldn't love her more if she was our own.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

There are many comfy spots to sleep in around our house.  There's sun puddles most of the day, and all the kitty pillows on the beds.  But the bestest place to sleep doesn't exist anymore.  A mean and cold hearted mom took them away two years ago.  Our homemade kitty ham-micks are now only a pleasant memory.

When I was a kitten I loved to shred things.  I guess I never did outgrow that love.  One of the best things to shred was the underside of the box springs on the bed.  I would lie on my back and scratch away.  Many happy hours were spent blissfully shredding the netting and tearing away the stuffing inside the bed.  What lovely days those were!

When the holes were big enough, kitties could fit inside the netting and, at last, even the bed.  Those bed netting ham-micks were so sweet!  Soon the other kitties were sleeping in them too.  What delightful dreams we had, and in so cozy a location!

Eventually I dug clear through to the top side of the mattress.  The holes weren't THAT big, I mean, I couldn't fit through them, but these really big springs with sharp points did.  First there was one, then another, and then another.  The mom couldn't flip the mattress over, cause guess why! The holes were even bigger on that side!

Although I didn't give it much thought, I should have known the mom didn't want to pick up all those pieces of stuffing.  Even worse, she didn't like sleeping with those points sticking in her.  She decided to destroy our utopia and buy a new bed when she had to sleep bent like an "L" with her body across the short side of the mattress and her legs pointing up to the headboard.  But she had to wait for a tax return.  Ok, whatever THAT is.  Unfortunately for us it must have come quickly.

The most nefarious part of the plan was a nasty shock!  She put down sheets of plywood under the box springs!  How she lives with herself I am still trying to figure out.  And she did the same thing to The Girl's new bed too!  I tried scratching those sheets of wood and they were not pleasant or enjoyable.

So now we have to sleep on the top of the beds, not on the underside or the inside.  Gone are the days when you could look under the bed and see a couple kitty lumps hanging down in the netting, snoozing contentedly.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breakfast with Oui Oui

 Food or nip?  Food or nip?
Well, I did eat some of it,
and moved it around some too.

 La, la la!
So much fun!

 Hi, Carl, I'm not sharing the nip pillow right now, ok?

What you got there, Oui Oui?
Not sharing?
That's ok, I'll find something else to pique my interest!
Something that smells mighty fine.

See the wheel in the pictures?
The mom owns a cannon.
She really wanted a Civil War cannon
but sadly had to make do.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Award!

This has been a really busy summer!  We've had Birthday and Gotcha Day celebrations, and now our sweet friends Haopee, Peanuts and Buchi at My Dogs Love Me have awarded us with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  We are so thrilled they think enough of us to confer the award on us!  Thank you so much!  We try very hard to overcome our handicap caused by the mom's lameness.  Its a constant struggle.

The award was granted to both Oui Oui and Mica Minnie Moo, so we will be telling you sevenity things about us.  So here we go:

OO:  I am such a bad eater the mom has become superstitious and won't look back to see if I'm eating for fear I won't.

MMM:  The lady who sent me to my home said I was "a good little eater".  She was wrong.  I'm a good BIG eater.  I finish everyone else's meal and lick all the bowls clean.

OO:  I love to sleep under covers, pillows and inside pillow cases.

MMM:  When Oui Oui is sleeping under or in something, I have an irresistible urge to walk on her.

OO:  When MMM squeaks I come running to make sure everything is ok.

MMM:  When the mom does something scary to me, like clipping my nails, I squeak.

OO:  I walk on banisters and hand railings.

MMM:  Oui Oui taught me to walk on banisters and hand railings.  The mom calls them "The Cat Super Highway".

OO:  At the first sign of Julie & MMM trying to kill each other from under the door, I hide under the bed.

MMM:  Julie & I try to kill each other under the door every night.

OO:  I've whapped MMM twice since she came to live here.  Both times she tried sleeping in my spot next to The Girl.

MMM:  I still hiss & growl at Carl for no reason.  Sometimes I go out of my way just to do it.

OO:  When the dog next door gave us all fleas, I screamed bloody murder during our flea bath.

MMM:  For the first 9 months here, my hackles were always raised.  They are still up a lot, specially when I'm excited.

So now we get to pass this award on.  Please pardon us for not doing a link to all the blogs.  If you already have the award, please excuse the mom, she's old and feeble minded.  We hope you have fun!  We did with our answers.  We award this to:

Kwee Cats - Anyone with that many cats deserves an award.
Eric & Flynn - They are just so manly!
CCL Wendy - Dante. Need we say more?
The Furries of Whisppy - They are all so darn cute!
Cat Wisdom 101 - Again, enough said.
Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats - They make us laugh!
Cherry City Kitties - They are new and very sweet.
Devoted to Willow - She is so unusual and pretty.
The Shelter Cats - What great work they do!
Need I Say Meow - A new blog with sweet kitties.

If anyone else would like it, go ahead and take it!  Have fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Pssst!  Carl, did you hear the great news?

Did you see Glogirly's blog?  While we were picking a winner here for the toy giveaway, our names were coming up for their grand prize (a blog and Facebook make over)!  We can't believe it, our mouths dropped open, and for once the mom was speechless.  She has been toying with redoing our blog, but was afraid of losing everything.

We can't wait to see what Katie and Glogirly come up with for us!  Our mom wanted to blog so badly, she just threw this blog together in a couple hours.  She didn't even take the time to write our bios under our tabs.  We are just so lucky!  We will have a blog where some thought went into the design.

And, of course, everyone remembers the kitty avatars.  Well, the mom found the Cartoonizer cause we liked the avatars at Glogirly's, and being cats, we wanted to copy them.  Now we don't have to be copycats!

Thank you, Katie and Glogirly!  Thanks to you, today we are really big Kahunas!  The kitties here are laughing cause they can't wait to see the looks of horror on your faces when you see the truly bad and low res photography the mom posts here.

Relaxing cause we are in good hands!