Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally Friday!

Kitties, we have had some wild and wooly weather this past week.  Look what was in our garden!

There was a severe storm last week so bad visibility,
 even when driving at very slow speeds,
was almost zero.

When the mom finally made it home through all the crazy traffic, there were still some hailstones in the shady areas of the garden.

Pretty cool, huh?
We kitties thought so.
Even if the mom complained, 
we sat and watched the show.
We don't usually watch the Weather Channel
but this time the show was tremendous!

But everyone have a great weekend!  Enjoy the view, no matter what channel you are watching.  Purrs and head bonks, dear furriends!  Stay safe and have fun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Snack Time!

This month we are trying Evo Wild Cravings Herring and Salmon Formula Cat Treats sent to us by Chewy.  These treats have no grains, which might be good if your cat has allergies, no additives except for some healthy vitamins and are made with easily digestible fats.  Of course, we kitties really want to know how they taste!  Will they pass the Oui Oui test?

Box Inspector-in-Chief Oui Oui performs the necessary safety inspections and find the box to be free of hexes and curses.

Everything looks good!  Including the treats.  And they smell nice and fishy!

Is it safe to come out?  I smell something good!

MMM volunteers to finish the treats while Oui Oui walks around photobombing.

Carl finds them next and  enjoys them by himself for a short time until Julie noses in.

OMC!  They are actually making little piggie noises. ~ed.
We give these 8 paws up!

So what about Miss Oui Oui?
 What did she think of the treats?

What?  Are there treats around?
Oh, those?

Oh, well . . . in this house 3 out of 4 is a great review!  The kitties really enjoyed them, or most of them did, and it was great entertainment listening to the piggy noises.  So these get a paws up rating.

We didn't receive anything except the treats in return for our review.  And nothing influenced us except the taste of the treats.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 Kitties, I have made it out of quarantine!  I tried showing the mom my leg was better by sitting straight but she was being too cautious so I took matters in to my own paws and when she opened the door to my medical ward this morning to say hello, I bolted and ran down the stairs.

And just to show her how much better I felt, I stopped to "play" smacky paws with Mica Moo from under the door.  YES!  I am back and better than ever!

Thank you to everyone who purred for me and my release.  And thank you to The Girl who massaged my leg and helped it limber up.  You all helped me feel much better.  Can you believe it has been 3 weeks since my medical incarceration?

Now I can enjoy all the things I love doing!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we take time to reflect on all the sacrifices our troops have made so that we may be free. 
And to remember them and thank them for their service.
Sometimes words fail us or seem inadequate,
but thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are what we are today because of you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Congratulations to The Girl!

She ain't a student no more!
Time to go find a great job and support your mom.

It was a beautiful day on campus.

Under the grand marquee.

Full of wise and learned people.

In the quaint little town of Doylestown PA.

And we can only say one thing!
Yay!  Way to go!
You did it and we are so proud!


Of course, we have some more photos to share of our beautiful girl!  We didn't care for the photos the school photographer took, the mom was so lucky to find a totally awesome and very creative photographer at Ginger Fox Photography.  Here are a couple photos she took (she also took the one above with the cap in the air).


Everyone have a great weekend!  Thanks for indulging us and we hope you enjoyed the photos.  For those in the US, have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Let's start the summer with a bang!  Stay safe!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Blogpaws Photos

We are a week behind everyone else posting about Blogpaws!  There's not much more we can add, and most kitties have said it better than we ever could.  This year was way better than last year.  Clearly the Blogpaws folks heard last year's kitties loud and clear!

The hotel was amazing!  This is looking up the at plantings in the 3 story lobby.
 You never knew who you might meet at breakfast.

Oh My Cod!  What a sweet little face!  And those ears!
 Celebrities were everywhere!
Coco was styling.
Of course, we expected no less.

Waffles in his Waffles Wagon had his own following.
Was Elvis in the building?

No, but a capybara was!  It was so well behaved!  It walked better on a leash than most dogs (at least the ones the mom has owned).  And no barking.

 And check out those feet!

There was a drawer full of swag!  We donated a bag of it to Katnip Lounge to help out with The Baby's bills and also some to our local TNR group.

Amazing all the wonderful bloggers we had a chance to meet and connect with!*

 This fish was in the lobby and a young man laughingly told the mom his family had a joke about his sister's boyfriend whom they hadn't met.  They referred to him as "Frank".
 The mom made kitty ears with Dino, founder of Triberr.
He was a keynote speaker and a real sweetheart.

The best part started with a kitty blinged out car trip.
 Because the visit was on Sunday, there was just Layla 
of Cat Wisdom 101 in the mom's group.
It was SO cool to have these two amazing cat ladies all to myself!

We met all the stars of the Catio, including the most recent addition, the rhino.

The Baby was feeling better and took us hunting for lizards.   She shared all her favorite hunting spots with us.

Handsome kitties were hanging out everywhere!

We even saw the hummingbird nest!  Sorry momma bird, your house keeping skills are lacking.  (There was a lot of poo in the nest.  I guess hummingbird poo was a first too.)
There was a bit of action when Scouty's Dad
put his hand through the kitty flap
and sent him into orbit.  (You might need to biggify.)
But we were honored to see Scouty!

Hey!  I could have gotten this treatment at home!
 Afterwards the mom headed to the Venetian on The Strip.

It was so beautiful!  Below is the golden lion in the rotunda.

The mom had never seen so many slot machines!  They were every so many feet in the airport, in hotel lobbies, even in gas stations!
 Flying home, the airplane went to LA first
and banked over the Pacific Ocean.
That's Santa Monica the girl sitting next to the mom said.

The mom thought that could be the Little Colorado River.

Most of the country was cloud covered.   Not a good sign for the upcoming weather back East.  This was flying down the Potomac River heading to Washington DC.
 We even saw a rainbow before touching down at Dulles
- a beautiful end to a beautiful trip.

 And Mica Moo helped unpack.

*  I'm sorry, I copied this photo from another blog and would like to credit it but don't remember where I saw it.  GJ's dad took the photo, and I thought no feelings would be hurt since most of us in the photo didn't have our cameras and were hoping to have a copy shared with us.  If it is a problem, I will gladly take it down.  Mea culpa!