Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

And Happy Birthday, Mica Minnie Moo!

 Carl the Cowboy

Mica Minnie Moo the Mohawk Wearing Alien 

Oui Oui the Cow Girl 

And Julie the Hula Girl

All wish you a very Happy Halloween
or maybe
A very Unhappy Howl-O-Ween,
You be the judge!

But please join us in celebrating
Mica Minnie Moo's Birthday!
And help yourself to all the goodies!

There's all kinds of Spookylishus foods!

And eerie drinks galore!

With cute ones for the kittens.

Of course, save room for the cake!

Join in the fun and games!

Enter if you dare!

Take a couple party favors before you go.

And make sure you don't miss story time!

Ha ha ha!
Is this great?
Kudos to whoever made it!

Thank you for stopping by our little party.

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

And Happy Birthday to our Mica Minnie Moo.
You are a kitty unlike any other.
And we love you just the way you are.

We hope you had a good time!

I was so embarrassed!  I didn't want to look around, and my tail was going top speed!

I was so mad and this stupid costume did nothing for my figure!
Drat that mom!
I didn't see her dressing up.

We hope you had a good time!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spooky Happening

We continue our quest for foods Oui Oui might eat.  This month Chewy sent us Purrfect Bistro's Surf & Turf Pate and Grammy's Pot Pie.  Don't they sound good?  The mom thought so, but the big question is, what did Oui Oui think?

These cans are a little smaller than the average size.  The food is grain free and the first ingredient is real deboned meat.
We started with the Surf & Turf.
Mica Moo gobbled hers down right away. 

With the glutton twins right behind.  No one lifted their heads until they were done.  But what about the Food Princess?
Well, it has "turf" in it, something I avoid
but it DOES smell rather good. 

 Hmmm . . .  I LOVE IT!  Naturally, I had to eat next to the cannon, or everything would have been all wrong.  But I ate every little piece, including the ones I knocked off the plate.  A first!
Now I'm trying Grammy's Pot Pie, and all I can say
is Grammy is a great cook! 

Sorry, even if you serve me breakfast in bed, I'll pass on the pot pie.  I don't care for eating pots, and you didn't really expect me to eat both foods, did you?
Oh, me!  Me!  Me!  Dibs on Oui Oui's food!  I LOVE Grammy's cooking!
Right down to the very last bite. 
(For those like Oui Oui who only eat pate,
the pot pie is a pate.)

The twins are off and running!  The only question is, who will finish first?
Julie is off to a fantastic start!
And while Carl gave it his all, he never stood a chance.

So, for the first time ever, we had a 4 out of 4!  All in all, this was one of our very favorite foods and we loved both favors.  Even Oui Oui couldn't get enough of the Surf & Turf.  Its a little spooky, maybe the Pod People have gotten her at last!

We didn't receive anything for this review except the food sent to us to try.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween

Monday, Oct 28, the Tabby Cat Club is having kitties dress up for Halloween.  This has us trying on costumes from years previous.

For my first costume I was a cow girl.  The irony is just sickening, when you see what this year's costume is!
The pirate costume wasn't any improvement! 

Making me sit on the cannon didn't make it any better!  And note to the mom, hanging a blue sheet in the background didn't make it look like I was aboard a ship.
The mom's favoritest Halloween photo ever!  She laughed for weeks, every time she thought of this photo, and her coworkers must have thought she was nuts.  Poor Stink Eye Julie, dressed as the White Witch!
I am just ready to KILL someone!

So stop on over at the Tabby Cat Club for more tortured kitties.  Maybe some will have NICE moms and dads who use PHOTOSHOP!  And you can see a preview of Oui Oui's costume this year, although Julie's is a secret!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Snuggly Julie

I'm tucked in all nice and snuggly.  Its cold outside and I don't like to "mole" under the covers like Oui Oui.
Hi mommy, see me here? 

Look I can help post if I want to.
I'm not sure what mommy finds so funny but her giggles are keeping me awake.  Stop it!  I need my beauty rest!

Pfffft! As if she listens!

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!
We can't believe its almost Howl-O-Ween,
and all you early party goers stay safe.