Monday, June 30, 2014

Mancat Monday

Thanks to everyone who came to our party!
What a blow out!
Thanks for all the good wishes too!

 I'm just going to chilax on the favorite kitty pillow.

Julie is just hanging too,
and enjoying a scratching from the mom.

Saturday, June 28, 2014



Happy 17th Birthday

Julie & Carl!


Did you think we forgot?
It's a surprise party!

 Help yourself to a Meowgarita.

Or some sweet cream for the kittens.

There's ham . . .
  . . . Real live dead shrimps . . .

. . . Beast steak . . .

And Murlin Crab Cakes.

Not to mention live entertainment!

Don't forget to have some cake!

 Just kidding Julie & Carl!

Ok, every kitty join us in meowing "Happy Birthday"!

NOW we can cut the cake!

Don't forget to  pick up a "goodie bag" before you leave.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate!
Here's to many more years!
With your bigger than life purrsonalities and beauty
you both make life so interesting in so many ways!
But we love you and are glad you are part of our family.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Another Package Came . . .


 Another package came in the mail!
This one is from Chewy!
At least the mom learned her lesson and let me inspect it.

Look what was in it!

 Divine Duos by Wellness.
Photobomb by Oui Oui.

 This month we are trying Chicken Pate and Diced Duck.
It comes in single serving cups and
there is a soft pate in one flavor and chunks in another
with gravy!

We are all anxious to try it and are milling around.
Divine Duos comes in 6 flavors
and are grain free.
It's the first cat food with two proteins layered in one meal.

It smelled so good,
Mica Minnie Moo didn't even wait for the mom to hand her a plate.

This is really good so I'm eating it right out of the cup!
I guess that is like people eating with fingers.

You can see it has some little pieces of vegetables in it.
We kitties need a little of them in our diet.
But it was so delishus I ate them all!

Carl and Julie had a race to see who finished first.

It's really hard to tell!  Can you see which one won?

It just might be a tie!

But what about Miss Oui Oui?

 {{Sigh}}  I'll just sit here by the food and watch.
Don't mind me . . .

Once again, it was a three out of four finish!  We were hoping to try the Beef Pate and Diced Liver because one of the few things Oui Oui likes is liver.  Maybe another time!  The pate part was nice and soft, and was on the top so when you turn the cup of food over it gets covered with the gravy.  The three of us really enjoyed this!

We'd like to say, the cups are sposed to be single servings, but we only get half that amount each for breakfast cause we don't eat more than that at one time.  We have can tops that fit 3 sizes of cans but they didn't fit these cups, so the leftover food was wrapped in foil.  The cups are 2.8 ozs.

~~~~~  < *)))))>< ~~~~~

We'd also like to wish everyone a great weekend!  Whatever you are doing, have a wonderful time and stay safe!

The opinions expressed are our own and we were not compensated in any way, except for the food we received to review.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Tabby T-Shirt Tale of Terror

Kitties, let me tell you about the mysterious Captain America Shirt.
You know when you have a bad feeling things aren't going to be good?
Well, things got off to a rocky start . . . 

I was napping and could feel the strange pull as I awoke.

OMC!  Mica Moo don't go near those!
The mom let an uninspected package loose in the house!
Curse her! 
Won't she EVER learn?

Get back while I do my job!
Yup, hexed in the mail.
Looks like some necromancer practiced his hoodoo on it.

Mica Moo!  For the love of tuna, stay away!

I'm going have to fight this powerful curse . . .   I can feel it taking over . . .

It's formidable and it's hidden in a pretty awesome nip pillow.

It's giving me the shakes, rattles and rolls.
Some kind of Obfuscatory Spell!
Any kitty near it starts to become indistinct.

 First my head . . .

 . . . then my tummy.

Finally the spell is broken!  And does this shirt ever smell good!  It's like the good smells of lots of kitty furriends.  Its enticing!

Oh, dear me!  The shirt is jinxed as well!  I'm SO embarrassed!  I'm a GIRL kitty and Captain America is a boy.  I've got to hide my face.
 I'm not coming out!

I don't need those kinds of problems.
Well, maybe I'll just help myself to the treats.

Oh Carl, do you have a minute?  We have something for you!

(Of course you saw what happened to Carl here.)
 We want to thank our sweet furriends
for sending us this fun package,
the great toys, the totally pawsome nip pillow
that Oui Oui smacked the other kitties over when they got near it

and for the beautiful card!
It was so thoughtful and we enjoyed it all!

Let that be a lesson as to what can happen if the Box and Package Inspector General doesn't get a chance to do his or her job properly.  We are specially trained to handle this type of problem, so don't try this at home without the correct training or snoopervision.

So we'd like to know if any of our furriends would like to wear the shirt?  Oui Oui certifies it is completely safe and says she'll even add some of her favorite treats to go with it.  We know it's been around for a while but we bet there are a few that haven't had the pleasure yet.  Just let us know!  We ship anywhere.

We'd also like to thank the mom for her truly horrendous photography.  We were glad to be able to use it in a post - the blurriness, color shifts and all the other warts!  Believe us, none of the "special effects" were intentional!