Thursday, February 27, 2014

What We Say, and the Cousins too!

This month our mom was sent some Wysong Dream Treats from Chewy.  Not only did they have cool flavors like Quail and Rabbit, they are freeze dried meat and processed without heat so the nutrients don't breakdown, which makes them purrfect snacks for dogs, cats AND ferrets!   The mom never knew this, not having ferrets herself, but they can't tolerate grains and fillers and must eat only meat.

Junior Inspector-In-Training Mica Moo
awaits orders from the chief.

The number of steps to check for hexes and curses makes her head spin,
while Chief Inspector Oui Oui finalizes the procedures.

Woo hoo!  More treats inside!

Holy Ceiling Cat!
These are some BIG treats!

It smelled good enough to lick,
how will it taste?

 OMC!  I almost ate one!
I'll hang out in the box, Chewy has the best boxes.
(See the big box?  It's our first ever Chewy box
and it's over two years old!)

She's nuts!
And could the mom have broken these into any smaller pieces?

We don't care what the size of the pieces are,
we are hoovering every last one up!

Now for our very first ever long distance review!
The mom sent the treats to The Girl
for our cousins Zena Marie & Pepe Jack to try.

ZM:  No need to take them out,
I'll just crawl right in with the treats.

 Nom, nom, nom . . .

 PJ:  I have better manners than my sister!

And I don't mind large pieces,
they won't stay that way for long!

So, Wysong's Rabbit Dream Treats were almost a purrfect 6 out of 6, but Oui Oui remembered in the nick of time that she has a reputation to protect.  We were really excited to share these treats with our little cousins and are glad they liked them so much!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So thanks, furriends, and remember - spring is just around the corner!  Which corner and how far away, we can't tell but it seems like miles!

Have a fantastic weekend, and enjoy!  
Purrs, headbonks and kitty kisses.

The opinions are our own, except for the cousins, they were entitled to their opinions too.  And none of us received anything in return for our review except for the treats.  Oh, and the box.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lovely Sun

After a hard and very cold January and February, we finally had some fine weather, with temperatures in the 50's (around 13 C) this weekend.

How lovely and warm it felt to be in the sun!

It was even warm enough for a little mid-siesta bath.

Ah!  What more could a little tabby want?

This is what we had the last 2 days:

It's back to frigid temps and
We begin to think spring will NEVER get here!

But we are so pleased to say, in our little mini break
the mom got all the yearly green papers cursing over with
and they are with the accountant.
AND she booked flights and a room, she is going to BlogPaws!
We so hope to see our furriends there!
Our furriends are absolutely the bestest part!
If that isn't the silver lining of this icky winter,
we don't know what is.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mystery Monday

Friday featured some pix of Oui Oui squeezed
under furniture where no other kitty dared to squeeze.

 The highest point is less than 2.5 inches (about 6 cm) from the floor.

Here you see her lounging in her lair.
It seems she enjoys ambushing and whapping brothers and sisters
as they come within range,
and that location is a frequent site of whapping wars.
Hissing too.

The little rapscallion lying in wait.

But how did she get under there?
It took awhile to figure it out,
but eventually the mom snapped this pic.
The face was blurred to protect the true identity of the Furniture Whapper.

So here is another mystery.
Does Julie have Oui Oui trapped under the furniture?
Has Julie not quite gotten into range to be on the hurtin' end of a good whapping?
Or purrhaps Julie is waiting for Oui Oui to show herself
so she can administer a good whapping to Oui Oui
for her impertinence?
We are sure the saga continues . . .

Thursday, February 20, 2014


What are you doing, Miss Oui Oui?
Are you hiding from the boogieman?

Or lying in wait for an unsuspecting brother or sister so you can scare the hiss out of them?
Does it matter, the mom?
We girls just like to have fun!

 And we are wishing you a fun filled weekend.
Stay safe and enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank You!!!

Our sweet furriends at Whisppy sent us a card.
(Boy is that snowman ever appropriate
we just had a huge snowstorm!)

And this was in the card.
Can you read it?
Well, neither can we but it's silvervine!
We've never tried it before so this is so exciting!

 That stuff makes me want to roll!

 The brown spot is the silvervine,
it's a powder.

 I have an irresistible urge to attack the mom's
knock about, gardening shoes.

And play!

 That smell is seductive and alluring!


 MMM liked it too, in her quiet way.
She was playful too,
but doesn't believe in playing in the middle of a room.

This stuff is strange, but
I heard crinkling sounds!
That can only mean noms!

 Carl's right, it is different,
but where are the treats?

 I feel a little weird!

Meanwhile . . .

Thank you, everyone at Whisppy!  We had a lot of fun with the silvervine!  Oui Oui just went wild and had us all in stitches, silly girl!  It was so kind of you to send us some.  And we would rather have this than costumes any day, so we got the better end of that bargain.  Julie and Carl were more interested in treats when they heard the cellophane, they have a one track mind!

We will be enjoying the silvervine for a long time and we aren't sure who liked it the most - Oui Oui, The Girl or the mom, who complained their sides and faces ached from laughing.  Hugs and kisses for thinking of us, you are one in a million and we are so thankful to know you!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, Furriends!

Wishing you all your heart's desires!
May your dreams come true.

Come in, visit a bit
 and grab a drink.

 We've fixed some snacks just for you,
so help yourself.

Don't you LOVE chocolate covered mousies?

Okay, which kitty made the cupcakes?

And we even baked you a great big cake!

Thanks for stopping by!
You are the bestest ever!
And we are glad we got to spend some time with you today
because without all our lovely friends
we would be much poorer than we are now.

Stop on by the Tabby Cat Club
We are hosting the Valentine's party
All are welcome!
And everyone have a grand weekend.
Kitty kisses & head bonks!