Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Animals

MoMo and those Ladies of Autumn sure know how to throw a party!  We straggled in WAY over curfew, looking like something the cat dragged in!  (We'd laugh, but we're just too tired!)

Carl could barely keep his eyes open.
No singing for HIM tonight!

Julie collapsed where she landed.

Oui Oui was lost to the world.

Sweet dreams, Birthday Girl!

All the hard work really paid off.  A good time was had by all.  The food was excellent (especially the gnat broth), the conversation stimulating (maybe a little TOO stimulating) and the location down right creepy!  Ladies, our hats are off to you!

Please vote for us at the Halloween link above.  We WERE the grumpiest kitties around!  The mom would get a real kick out of bragging rights.  (The costumes weren't embarrassing enough evidently!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011



She's 3 years old, still quite a kitten considering all she's been through!  See her story (in several parts) here.  We don't actually know when her purthday is, but everyone likes Halloween.  Maybe a less busy day would have been good, but you know about hindsight!  Mica Moo, you have made our lives richer in ways not expected.  Its so rewarding, even if painfully slow, to see you morph from a formerly feral into to a trusting, loving kitty!  Its been a long, hard road and together we'll get to its end one day.

When we put on costumes, our bones were stolen!  We couldn't even hold up our heads.

When we did hold up our heads, this is what we looked like:

Julie the Crabulated White Witch
This is not a costume, its a WARNING!

Carlos The Singing Cowboy!

Oui Oui The Pirate Tabby
She'll steal your lap and then your heart!

Mica Minnie Moo the Decoration
We just didn't have the heart to put her in a costume!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween.  Have a howling good time!

Saturday, October 29, 2011



We have really exciting news!  THE Wendy from Wendy's LOL Spot did a feature on us!  She picked some of our cutest photos and captionized them as only she can.  She did an incredible job, so stop by and see.  We think she must be a really fun purrson cause of her exceptional punning ability!  Mica Moo says we are going to have to keep our eyes open for pawpurrratzzi from now on!  (She's always a little paranoid.)

We want to thank MoMo and her SS for taking the time to explain how to do the magic linky thing last week.  The mom got to look like she really knows what she is doing because of them!

(In other news, we are sorry we didn't visit anyone yesterday.  The computer locked up, then when the mom got it running again, the anti-virus wasn't.  Much blood, sweat and tears [with some cuss words thrown in too] later, the computer is purring along just fine.  The mom has to work today, so it will take a little while to get around to see everyone.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Twinkletoes* will now perform her celebrated WHIPPY TAIL DANCE!

I hope you enjoyed today's performance!  Its always a pleasure with such a wonderful audience!

* Like Oui Oui, Twinkletoes is another of Sweet Pea's nicknames.  When she runs her strides don't get longer, her feet just move faster, so it looks like her toes are twinkling!

The Worst Photo EVER!

Yesterday Oui was complaining about a bad hair day cause the mom sneaked up on her when she was sleeping and put flea meds in her hair.  Well, look at this!

The mom caught me innocently licking with that horrid phone camera of hers.  Its SO BAD any movement is blurred.  So I look like a snub nosed bat AND I'VE GOT THE SAME LOUSY BAD HAIR AS OUI!

(So long from the long suffering Mica Minnie Moo)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad Hair Day #2

So there I was, just slumbering peacefully on the bestest kitty pillow.  Without warning I was awoken by a wet tickling feeling on the back of my head!  Ewwww....I've felt that before!  I shook my head, rubbed and scratched but STILL it tickled!!  I told the mom to STOP, Julie had the fleas, NOT ME!  It doesn't bother the other kitties but it always makes me tickle.  I fussed some more and when I was finally done, this is what I saw.  Ugh!  Another bad hair day!

This was even worse than the Mohawk Mica Moo gave me!  Thanks, mom, you're the greatest!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Do They Plan This?

The mom here!  I just got done vacuuming and put the vacuum away and this is what I saw:

A trail of Carl furs!  He was the first out of hiding, and I had finished less than 5 minutes before.  Do they PLAN this stuff?  Its like when you clean the litter boxes.  You aren't even done and someone stops by and poops in the box while you're still pouring litter!  Then immediately after you are done, someone else stops by and poops again.  I could understand it sometimes, but ALL the time?  And by the way, couldn't they use a different box than the one you're cleaning?  Do they "save" it up for those moments?  Do they not like anything clean?  **sigh**  I guess they like it to smell like home.  (ewww)

Looking for Trouble in All the Right Places

There hasn't been much to do, so I'm looking high and low.  Maybe I'll have a better chance finding something from on top of the headboard of the kitty bed.

 Nothing over that way

 Nothing down there


Gotta Go!

  Get ready to die, Mica Moo!

That was FUN!  Sisters are the best!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sacked Out Sunday


Carl sacked out after singing his heart out for the Admiral and her mom at the 3:30 AM shift.

(Sorry, the mom didn't know how to do that nifty linky thing to the Admiral's page cause she is so incredibly LAME.)

Saturday, October 22, 2011


My lovely Admiral Hestorb!  I accept your offer so I am audishuning to sing with you!  Let us sing lovely duets together at 3:30 in the morning.

Did you like?

 This is my best "come hither" look!

Is it a yes?

Go away the mom!  You ruin everything!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

While the Mom was looking for photos for National Feral Cat day she found some kitten pix of Julie & Carlos.

Even as kittens, Julie was sweet looking while Carlos was horrid to try to photograph

 Clockwise from top:  Carlos, Minnie Pumpkin, Julie and Lumpy

 Proof that at one time Julie snuggled with the Girl as well as the Mom

A really nice shot of young Julie's Gorgeous Tail
(not so of the Girl) sweet and peaceful!  Where's her warning label?


Happy Purrthday Tocks for Derby