Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chats à Paris

Gracie is hosting her annual Blogosphere trip this week and Paris has been over run with kitties!  We were so very fortunate cause our sweet friend, Moosey, invited us to go with him along with his honorary siblings, the Cherry City Kitties.  We had a phenomenal time (click Here for our trip with Moosey) and invite you to see all the fun times in Paris at The Tabby Cat Club.  There are some really remarkable and talented kitties posting, and they have all had extraordinary adventures.

Have a great weekend, friends.  May all our US friends enjoy a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.  We need the long weekend to relax and recover from our French escapades!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013



We kitties absolutely demand a newer model mom!  Ours is so old, she has clear memories of there being just one continent.  What she doesn't have clear memories of are important things like our Gotcha Day!  When she went online yesterday, everyone else from around the world was wishing us a Happy Gotcha Day, and our mom was, "Huh, what's this?".  She had totally forgotten Carl and I had come to grace her life 16 years ago yesterday.  Hiss!  And more hisses!

To try to make up for it, she let us try a new kind of treat at Chewy's.  Its Healthsome Protein & Fiber Select Seafood Combo Cat Treats by Halo.  We love Halo, we eat Halo's Spot's Stew everyday.  It doesn't have any fillers and 3 of us lost weight this past year while eating as much as we wanted, so we were curious if we had finally found a treat Oui Oui would eat.

Oui Oui checks the box for jinxes, curses and spells before anyone can open it.
 Can you wait a minute, Carl?
I'm not quite done.

Done enough for me!  I know treats when I hear them, and the mom owes us big time!
Back off, Oui Oui!
These are mine! 

All Mine!
Don't be so paranoid! 
Do you see me gobbling them?

**Crickets chirping**
 These things are nomilishus!

Dibs on Oui Oui's!
Are Julie & Carl out there?
Then I'm staying here,
but I won't complain about being served like a queen.

So once again, its a 3 out of 4 finish, with the usual hold out.  But what was with the mom picking the fiber choice?  Is she trying to say something?  Didn't she see yesterday's post?  What did she think was at the bottom of the PTU?  It doesn't look like we have that kind of problem, in our humble opinion.  Oh, wait, she probably FORGOT yesterday's post!

And a Happy Belated Gotcha Day to Julie and Carl.  Better luck next year!  {{eye roll}}

These are our honest opinions, they haven't been influenced by anything other than our taste buds, and we received no compensation for our review.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

I am a bit disgusted.  Just before the mom fled, she took us all to the {{shutter}} VET, where the "D" word was mentioned.
It seems 3 kitties lost weight on the new, no filler kitty foods.
But one of us put on a few ozs. 

I ask you, does this belly look like it needs reducing?

Take a better look.  It seems like a purrfectly healthy, lovely tabby belly to me.
Now that was just uncalled for!
That's alright, I had my say.
When the mom finally came home,
I had a welcoming bite and bunny kick,
just for her!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We are Back!

We want to thank all the kitties who helped trash our house after the mom deserted us.  Thanks to all for a job well done!  For those kitties who left a little early, the mom was flummoxed when she saw the house, but we thought it was a thing of beauty.

We also want to give a special shout out to Miles of Meezer Tails.  Without him we doubt if we could have drove the mom away.  The sight of two meezers scratching their heads and removing their eyebrows was just too much for her.  What a wuss!  There's still a little crunchy French Toast left for any kitty who'd like to stop by.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *  ~

Also, join us Monday at The Tabby Cat Club to see how all your favorite tabbies spent their summers!  And maybe you can pick up some pointers for next summer, hee, hee.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Exciting Visitor & Party!

Kitties!  We have really exciting news!  The Bloo Shorts Man dropped off a package just for us.  It was a little beaten up cause it had been doing a bit of travelling.  Guess what was inside?  Miles from Meezer Tails!  OMC!  Were we ever happy!  

Miles has been visiting other kitties in our area, so he dropped on by.   We had so much fun!  We ranned to the store and grabbed some hams and real live dead shrimps before the store guy saw us.  Kudos to Julie who mesmerized him with her big eyes and soft furs as we borrowed what we needed.

We had so much ham and real live dead shrimps we could barely run!

Then we hung out and did some of our favorite things.

I taught Miles the fine art of whapping kitties from under furniture.  He was a natural and now he can annoy his brothers as much as I annoy my sibs.  He might even be able to whap his mom sometimes too.  It was pretty tight under there but we both fit.

We did lots of other things, and he even dressed up for Julie, you can visit his post for all of our fun times.  He was here for quite a while when the mom saw this:

That's right, TWO meezers hanging and scratching all the furs from their heads.  She let out a yell, packed her bags and left for New Jersey where life is sane, so she says.

Well, we laughed so hard, we got out some eggs and stomped on them to make French Toast in celebration!  Its a little crunchy cause we can't get the shells out but it tastes just fine.

Miles launched our House Trashing party in style!  So come join us.  We gots lots of ham, real live dead shrimps and crunchy French Toast.  And if we need more, we can raid borrow more from the store guy.  The mom won't be back for days, so maybe you'd like a little fun and a vacation, too.  

Lets see how fast the neighbors call the police!  Woo hoo!

We'll be sorry to see Miles go, but are so happy he was able to stop by.  We hope he can visit again, and maybe bring a brother or two.  Thanks, Miles!  Happy Trails!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Singing The Blues

A great CATastrophe happened last week.  The mom, with the aid of The Girl, took all of us kitties to see the Vishus Evil Torchurer.  It wasn't enough to subject us to the nasty goings on like sticking us with needles, on the way The Girl, who we thought liked us, recorded us begging for mercy.

Julie steadfastly refused to cooperate with their nefarious plan and Mica Moo was too quick, but poor Carl and I were recorded without us being aware of it.  I am sure they just wanted to laugh at Carl's squeaky little voice, but I don't know what they wanted with mine.   Probably trying to steal it like they steal bloods or furs for no reason.

So the first recording is Carl and the second is me.  How could they mistreat us so?  You can be the judge.

You can hardly see Carl in the PTU,
but doesn't your heart go out to him?

I look and sound pathetic,
can you hear the tremble in my voice?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

And Our Winners Are . . .

Kitties, we pologlize for not posting this yesterday.  The Girl has been in town all week, so you probably know what that means.  She and the mom have been running all day, every day getting her ready for school and furnishing her apartment.  We couldn't believe our eyes when the mom went to bed EARLY and stayed there.  And she did it bunches of nights in a row.  Well, she must be old!

But without further ado, here are our winners!

Fur Everywhere
Annie Bear
Kitties Blue

Concats to all our winners! The mom will be contacting you as soon as her decrepit bones allow.

Purrs and everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Today is our second Blogoversary!
How did time pass so quickly?

We want to thank everyone for their friendship and for sharing their lives with us.  When we first started blogging, we had no idea of the kind and warmhearted community that was out there waiting for us.

Of course, the mom had known there were other kitty blogs because she had stumbled upon Meezer Tails and had been reading about their adventures every morning for months and months, maybe even a year.  She started reading other blogs and just couldn't wait to see what all the other kitties were up to the each morning.

Eventually she starting thinking of her own blog.  The writing might not be as good, and the photography surely isn't, but she hoped to share the antics of her own kitties and maybe brighten another person's day.  What a bonus it turned out to be when she discovered all the wonderful kitties and people from all over the world!

Another example of the mom's fine photography.

To say thank you, we are giving away Sentry Calming collars with pheromones.  Have you ever wondered if they work or would help your cats?  This is your chance to find out!  We have four 3-packs to give away, so there will be 4 winners!  And its open to all our friends, no matter where you are located.  If you have postal service, you are eligible.  Just let us know in the comments if you are interested.  We aren't sure if we will use a random number selector, or if Oui Oui will do the honors.  We'll hold the giveaway open until midnight Thursday, August 15 EST, and announce the winners on Friday.  Good luck and thanks!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday Fun - Or Not

 I was playing with my little mousie when the happy noise attracted an audience.
Go away.  I don't like playing before spectators. 

That's ok, I'll wait.  I  have ALL day . . .
Will she ever get the message?
(Notice I studiously avoided looking at the camera the entire time?
Boy, am I good!)

Well, my fun may have been ruined, but I hope you have lots of fun this weekend!  And stay safe.  Purrs!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Show and Tell

Hi Kitties!  I am in one of my hiding places.

Can you see my feet behind the furniture too?
This is one of the bestest hiding places cause no one can reach me here.
I wait patiently til a sister or brother passes by and then I whap them.
It annoys them no end!

Waiting, waiting . . .

After I get my whap in, they try to whap me back
but all they can hit is the furniture.
Which they do again and again,
while I am all safe and snug.

The mom swears she can hear me laughing to myself
but I didn't think I was that loud.
Here's a bonus!
The mom wonders how I fit in such a small spot
but I'm not telling.

I make such a quick get away, you can't see my face!

(See that sorry piece of scratching board?  Its from when Oui Oui was a kitten and she loves it so, the mom hasn't had the heart to get rid of it.  Its literally been scratched into bits.  She sleeps with it and still uses it.  A lot of love and work went into making it that way.)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Its been a year since my mom passed away.  Where has the time gone?  I can't believe I've made it through a year without my mother and I miss her more than I can say.

I found two pictures of her since she went.  One literally fell out of a book I picked up by happenstance.  Perhaps her hand guided me.

In this picture, my mom is dressed for my wedding.  She's holding the original Minnie.  I'm surprised that cat would let anyone pick her up without shredding them, but maybe she had a special bond with my mom too.  I love Minnie's expression because she looks so evil, and that is what she was.  She's the only cat I've ever avoided.  My mom loved her just the same and made allowances for her, even insisting all torties be named for her, a practice I continue.

In this photo we are walking to the church for my brother's wedding.  That's my mom and me "kicking up our heels" - like mother, like daughter.  What a windy day it was!  I'm sure my Aunt Terry took this picture since she isn't in it.  I wonder what she said that made us show off our legs.

Goodbye, Mom!  Thanks for giving me these photos.  I've enjoyed looking at them often this past year.  I miss you.

 * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

On a less somber note, join us today at the Tabby Cat Club for kitties enjoying the lazy and sometimes crazy days of summer!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday's Tummy, Toes and Tail

Kitties, I'm sure you know when "we" at Twinkletoes feature tummies, toes or tails, a certain tabby is almost for sure involved.  Well, last week you might recall I was luxuriating in a soft sunpuddle when I was rudely accosted.

Remember this photo?

See the look of disgust on my face?

Well, today "we" are, that is, I AM, doing a Testosterone Tummy, Toes and Tail!  That's right, I'm not photobombing a tabby, I am bombing the entire post!  So here goes:



and Tail!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mancat Monday

Dog Days of Summer

Its that horrid, hot, humid time of year, the dog days of summer.  They're uncomfortable and sticky, no one would ever think to name such weather after a cat.  We'd be the sweet, cool days of autumn or the balmy, deliciously warm days of spring.

During the really hot days of summer I prefer cool places, like the comfort of the Chewy box to watching Bird TV.

How do you like to spend the hot summer days?