Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O Dark Thirty

Its O dark thirty in the morning and someone is awake.
Two someones, actually.

What, is something amiss?

I didn't hear any loud scratching.
Nothing is going on here, go back to sleep!

What do you mean, someone's digging a hole to China?
My paws are in the same place, honest!

I DID stop!
You must have been dreaming!

I'm looking around,
I don't see anyone who would still be scratching.

What do you mean, its now 2 dark thirty and if I don't stop
you are going to start taking pictures?

** Sigh **
We never get to have any fun around here!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Which shall I play with? Decisions, decisions!
My trusty friend, The Red String! 

Playing is tiring!
 I'll take a little nap in a sunpuddle and enjoy Oui Oui's hard work shredding cardboard.  You can always count on her to make a place homey.
Hey!  That was my spot!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Award

Hi Kitties!

I've been doing a lot of the posts lately and now I won my very own award!  I've been working really hard at not removing my furs, so it was nice to get something sweet in return from my friend Sparky Spitfire.

Thank you, Sparky!

Do you know Sparky?  If not, check out her blog cause she always has really interesting posts (and I think there is something going on between her and Spitty - shhhh!)  And guess what else?  She is from the same town where the mom lived when she was young and had a life!  Yup, at one time the mom worked downtown DC, drove a stick shift, danced the nights away and had wild, raucous parties in her apartment.  Or so she says . . .

So, for "My Favorite Things Award" I get to name six things I like:

q - I love sgetti sauce!  I will lick it off the sgettis, or better yet, I will eat the cheese off a pizza then lick the sgetti sauce and leave a nekked crust.  Yum!

I am not fussy about where I am when licking sgetti sauces, but I prefer the bed.

D - I also like licking my furs.  Sometimes they come off.  They just don't make furs the way they used to.

9 - I love blogging and am the Twinkletoe Tails IT kitty.

The mom loves my beautiful profile.

$ - I love snuggling with the mom, also her scratches.

Showing off my Mohawk. 

x - I am a kitty artist and have had my very own art show!

Two of my latest creations, never before shown!

H - I appropriate lonely foods that have been left on the counter.

I found this lovely PBJ sandwich all alone on the counter.  Then I used it as kitty art.
Oops! Caught red handed!
This was when I was first Gotcha'd.

I know I am sposed to pass this along, but I hope any kitty who is inspired to talk about their fav things will help themselves.  Thank you, Sparky for thinking of me!  You are the bestest and I hope one day you can have cool temples like me.  And thanks, Oui Oui, for helping me count.  I couldn't have done it without you!

Every kitty have a safe and fun weekend!  And make sure you enjoy your favorites things!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We are so thankful for the beautiful things in life, and one of the most beautiful are swallowtail butterflies.  Our coneflowers are full of them, both the yellow and black varieties.

Someone told the mom earlier this week her coneflowers were like a Disney movie.  That made the mom feel really good, especially knowing she has a "black thumb" and can kill plants quickly and in unique ways, like when she sprayed plants with "Deep Woods Off" to get rid of caterpillars only to watch all the plants die within 4 days.

There are 10 yellow swallowtails in this photo.
Biggify to see them all!

Left and below, male swallowtails.

There's a bumble bee next to the swallowtail and a grasshopper at the top of the photo.
Right and below, female swallowtails.

Most females of a species are drab compared to the males, but not these butterflies.  Its the females with the lovely blue iridescence on their hind wings.  

Other butterflies visit too, like the small yellow one in the upper right corner.
We'll see if we can't get photos of them too.
A photo of a male black swallowtail is something to strive for.
Maybe next week??

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday


With our apologies.  Nothing moves faster than Carl chasing his tail, especially the mom's "camera".

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tortiemeezer Tuesday

Am I not looking good?
Those dark patches on my temples are where the scabs used to be.

Kitties!  I am back!  That crazy The Girl came back last week in the middle of the night and took over.  She and the mom ran here and there like demon possessed crazypant beans.  We kitties just stayed out of the way and wondered about the way beans carry on - in between naps, of course.

You might remember the last time I went to the {{shutter}} VET's, he was so amazed at the difference in me he stopped dead in his tracks.  Well . . . I amazed The Girl, too!

I usually steered clear of The Girl when she visited.  You know, although she was ok the time before, she could have been cursed and turned into a pod person or met up with some zombies recently.  You can never really tell and its not like we have a kitty on staff who checks people for safety like Oui Oui checks the boxes.  That mom never thinks to check anybody!

But, this time The Girl took these pix as evidence:

There is ME snuggling with The Girl!
More snuggling. 

Oui Oui was NOT amused.  I took her spot!

(The Girl is moving into her first apartment and had everything topsy turvy.)

I do still manage to perplex the mom some.  I scratch tiny little scabs on my temples to keep her on her toes.  She's not sure how to handle that, but keeps talking to me.  She didn't think it was too bad, considering how wild last week was.  I could have been so stressed but handled it well.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Look who showed up in the wee hours of the night!  Don't I look happy about it?  She called me FAT!
 I'm much happier playing games, thank you very much.

And now the games . . .
. . . can commence.  

That stinkin' little red dot!
I'll catch it yet!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mancat Monday

Just before we took a break a couple weeks ago, Queen Katie Isabella graciously bestowed the "My Favorite Things" Award on me!  Various kitties and the blog in general have received awards, but this is my first ever, so I am incredibly honored to receive it.  Thank you, my beautiful Katie, you are one in a million.

Here are my six favorite things, in no particular order:

G - When the mom wants to catch me, she tricks me with food.  I love food so much, I always fall for that evil little trick.  A little shake of a bag of treats and I'm a lost kitty.

8 - I love wearing my tie.

Chillaxin' in my tie.

2 - I have a tiny squeaky little voice, but I love to sing.  I used to serenade Katie's predecessor, Admiral, and how we laughed when we woke her mom with our arias.

Belting one out!

d - When I snuggle with the mom, I have to step (stomp, she says) on her chesticle parts so she knows its me.

& - I like to chase my tail, but only in the bathroom.

It just seems out of place to chase my tail anywhere else.

M - My secret desire is to be knighted by Queen Katie.  Doesn't Sir Carl sound good?

1 -  Oui Oui taught me how to count.

I have been a little out of the loop, so I'm not sure who has gotten this award, so forgive me if I pass it along to someone who has already gotten it.  Of course this is always the hardest part, since there are so many deserving kitties and I'd love to heard about every one of you.

I'd like to pass this along to:

Annie at Lucy's Lounge
Newton at Sometimes, Cats Herd You
Sister Kit at Brian's Home

Thank you, sweet Queen Katie, for thinking of me.  You are the bestest Queen Tennessee ever had!  And ever will!

Purrs and kitty kisses,