Friday, January 31, 2014


Enjoy a prosperous, happy and fun year!

People born in the Year of the Horse are what we all wish we could be - clever, intelligent, energetic and warm hearted.  How could we expect less from a Horse?

Best wishes to all!  Happy New Year!  Have a great weekend, and for the kitties in the US, may your team win in the Super Bowl!  (Sadly ours didn't make it this year.)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Many Kitties?

How many kitties are in this photo?

Two!  And one biped!
To the right is Mica Moo
In the middle are the mom's legs
And to the left is Oui Oui.
She's a little hard to see cause she is UTB
(Under the Blankie).

It's been so cold here for the last two weeks.
The furnace hasn't stopped running in all that time.
We've have temps as low as 2F (-17C) 
and wind chills to -15F (-26C).
One day it did get a little above freezing,
so we are staying warm any way we can!

BTW, do you see part of the box in the background (A little right of center)?  That's Miss Oui Oui's beloved scratching box!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tuesday Tabby Toesies

Tuesday is Tabby Toesies Day at the Tabby Cat Club!

I'm not sure why the mom finds toes that interesting
when I'm hiding UTB.
I know she can't see them!

And she lets me put them on the table
if I promise not to jump up when she's not home.
Of course, I promised!

And she loves when I do this!

I'm just so thankful she can't do this to my toes!
Only Julie has pink toes,
and we think even the mom wouldn't try something like that
on Miss Julie.
And live to tell the tale.

For more pawsome toes, visit the Tabby Cat Club!  There's sure to be some cute toesies to make you squee!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mancat Monday

Have you all missed me?
It's been a while since the mom got some pix of me.

I've recently taken to leaving the area when the flashy box comes out.

So I'm being tolerant today.

Ok!  That's enough!

I'm SO glad she listens!

I'll just ignore her.

And act like I've got better things to do.

Maybe SHE should find something better to do,
like her nails.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowy Flashback Friday

It's been a while since we've done a Flashback Friday, but in honor of the 6 inches (15 cm) of snow we got Tuesday and the frigid temperatures (around 5 F, -15 C at night with the highest daytime temp of 30 F, -1 C in the next week) that will keep it around for a while, here are some of our earliest kitty pix.

The mom's first mancat, Attila, (a man kitten in this photo) was not fan of the cold and snow.
His mom, Leia, wasn't either!

I've seen enough and it's time to go in!  You can see her gold "Dolly Parton" collar (it had rhinestones).

Snuggled up in a warm blankie is where we all should be in cold weather.

Or maybe cuddled up with your bestest friend.
BTW, this was our Toby.
We mention him cause the Whiskeratti have a Leia and Toby too!
And their Toby is also an ornj mancat.
Ours was named for all his extra toes and he put them to good use!
There wasn't a door or cabinet, except for sliding shower doors, he couldn't open.
And he had an aversion to closed doors.
He was, as a very young The Girl said, a "wet" kitty.
He drooled like there was no tomorrow when petted.

So we hope you have a fine weekend!  Everyone stay warm, especially those in the new polar regions (the eastern US)!  Enjoy and stay safe!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Big Thank You!

A mysterious package arrived, just before Christmas and this is what was inside:

 A very pretty Christmas card, our favorite snacks
and a Tabby Tail Toy!

It was a package from our dear friend Annie!  Annie was one of the very first kitties we met when we started blogging. Our mom was so impressed with Annie's mom, cause right after they took Annie in, she needed an operation.  As the mom remembers it, it was a $2000 operation.  Instead of taking Annie back like some people might have, they kept her.

At the time Annie lived with Lucy & Simba, but both have left for the Bridge, and now it's just Annie.  Annie has also moved a couple times since then, and now she is living near The Girl!  So when the mom went to see The Girl for Thanksgiving, she met Annie's mom.  She thought Annie's mom was tremendous, and so sweet!

While the mom was away, a mischievous little tabby did this to her favorite toy - the Julie Tail:

So what a surprise it was to find another Tail Toy in Annie's package! But this looks more like a Tabby Tail, than a Julie Tail.  Oui Oui didn't mind at all!

I am a mighty huntress!

Who has some mighty impressive claws! 
Mica Moo was shy, but enjoyed the Tail too!

That's a fine tasting toy!

Then there were snacks for all!  Julie and Carl love playing with Tail toys, too.  But the mom forgot to get pictures of them playing before The Girl left.

So thank you, Annie!  You sent us some great snacks, which everyone, including Miss Oui Oui, enjoys and best yet, we all love the tail!  And you too!  Purrs from us all!

Asking the Tough Questions

I'm taking advantage of Answer Your Cat's Questions Day cause I've always wondered why:

The mom, WHY did you hafta buy water bowls that look like water coolers?  You ruined all my fun!  If I didn't mind a wet butt, why would you care if I sat on the rims and tipped the water bowls over?

The mom:  Sorry, Oui Oui, it wasn't pleasant walking through water, and did you REALLY not want anything to drink during the day while I was at work?

The mom, are you a drama queen?  I didn't mind!

You know, the mom, I am not always tired at night and sometimes I like a good scratching session in my favorite box to help me get back to sleep.  What's the matter with that?

The mom:  **  glares  **  You know everyone else is sleeping!  I think you are lonely and just want some attention!

So, what is wrong with that?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If you are interested in hearing more tough questions from your favorite tabby friends, skip on over to the Tabby Cat Club where there is a whole lot of 'splaining going on!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Long Overdue Post

A while ago, we won a water fountain from The Island Cats.  The mom wanted to save it for when The Girl came home cause she loves opening packages.  Since The Girl came home over the weekend, we got to finally open the package!

There doesn't appear to be any hexes or curses on this box
says Inspector General Oui Oui.

In fact, it's mighty comfy!

I'm gonna hang here for a while, if you don't mind.

ZZZZzzzzzzzz . . .

What do you mean, get off!
How rude can you be?

Look what was inside!
TLWTYH has really pretty writing!

There was a very pretty card extolling the virtues of kitties,
treats, toys and the fountain!

The fountain was super simple to set up.

But there is NO way I'm going near it!

Seriously, The Girl, it's scary!

Well, maybe not that scary . . .

** sniff, sniff  **
Can I sit on the side of it and still keep my butt dry?

Oui Oui can be the brave one,
I'm sticking to normal things, like toys.

Did you say toys???

They are mine!!

ALL mine!

Thanks, Wally, Ernie and Zoey!
I just love all these toys (especially the litte purple mousie)
and I don't intend to share!

That's ok, I prefer treats anyway.

Hey!  We've never had this favor before!
Even I like it!

Of course, if the mom had bought it,
I probably would be inclined to stick my nose up at it.

Nom, nom, nom!
Just give us treats, Oui Oui can have the toys!

And the winner is Julie by half a handful!

Thanks so much Wally, Ernie & Zoey!  How kind you are, you are the bestest!  Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts besides the fountain. We love you guys (and gal) too!

We have to say, Oui Oui is the bravest of us all.  She even took a lick of the water while the fountain was turned off, and she didn't melt or keel over or anything!  MMM remained under the bed, and Carl and Julie stayed in the hallway.  The three of them just wanted the treats! 

The mom is letting the fountain sit there and after everyone is used to it, will try turning it on again.  And at least, Oui Oui didn't sit on the rim and flip it over, like she does with regular water bowls.  The mom was grateful for that!  And we are grateful for such wonderful, considerate friends!  Thanks again, Island Cats!