Monday, April 30, 2012

Kindly Kitty

Poor Julie is always getting a bad rap for her less than purrfect temper, but we can prove she can be sweet when she wants.  Or at least won't always whap someone when they are within whapping distance.

 This was just last week!

 This was sometime this year too!

 Holy cod!  Relaxing with her bro.

Oui Oui looks a little defensive and nervous.

See!  She can be tolerant when she wants. We've been able to take four photos in the last couple years to prove it.  That's just an unjustified bad rap she's got.  Slander and exaggeration, that's what it is.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Please purr your hardest for everyone's sweet friend, MoMo, who isn't feeling well and is in need of them.

Although MoMo doesn't post much anymore because of SS's job, both are in our hearts, prayers and purrs. She was one of our very first friends when we started blogging and we are so sorry she isn't well.  We hope she will be her old fluffy self soon.  Our loudest purring are coming your way, MoMo!  The windows are rattling.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Festive Friday

Formerly Feral Feline Mica Minnie Moo, Mistress of Friday.

 I'm wishing you a charming day

 full of variety

and the spice of life!

Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tired Tabby!

What an exhausting week!  After all that playing it was time to get back to work, and then have a good nap.

You can see all the hard work I did shredding cardboard.
I hope everyone loves their job as much as I love mine.
But, now its nap time...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

White Wednesday

Julie, too, had a favorite toy from Cody - the little bear.  Unfortunately, she had to wait until MMM wasn't around.  Those two fight like cats and dogs, or at least like only cats can.  Poor Mica Moo always gets the worst of it, and has even spent a few days in the hospital, compliments of Julie.  Julie is one brave warrior princess.

 There was plenty of licking


 tossing in the air
(of COURSE, the mom didn't get those photos!)

And just plain fun!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mica Moo Joins the Fun!

The whole time I was checking things out in my package from Cody, Mica Minnie Moo kept running past.  She is just too smart and wiley to be caught and turned into a PIE!  So she'd do a "fly by".  Soon she decided it was safe to join in the fun.  She usually isn't interested in nip, but she was excited.  You can tell cause her hackles were up.

 When we left off yesterday, I was playing with this toy.
I think it's my favorite.

 Nip AND feathers!  Yum!

 All toys are better if you're under some furniture.

 Excuse me while I get a little crazy.

 Its about time you joined the fun!  Help yourself.

We were both a bit zonked.
It lead to some rassling, but boring mom didn't get those photos.
Someone fire that woman!

 Whenever MMM gets excited about anything, her hackles come up.
They were up for 9 months straight when she came to live here.
Even when she ate and slept.
They are up for days when The Girl comes home.

 She had a hard time deciding what to play with.

 She decided on something small she could carry under the bed.

 You'd think she would be good at hiding, being Formerly Feral,
but she usually forgets one important detail.
Then again, she's the one that hides on the stairs.

Can I join in the fun, ladies?
That snake is just my size!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi, kitties!  I am so excited! Look what came!  The prize I won at Cody's 5th Birthday Party.  OMC!!
I was so excited, I wouldn't stop my tail from whipping around really fast.  The mom's poor flashy box couldn't keep up.  Hee, hee, hee!  That's because I could smell excellent quality nip RIGHT THROUGH THE BOX!  Thanks, Cody, you and your Mom are great!

 This is the bestest smelling box in the world!
Look how fast my whippy tail is moving!

 The mom was trying to open it, but I kept rubbing against it and moving it out of reach.

 Hey!  That's my name in there!

 There was a pretty gift basket tied with a beautiful ribbon.

 There were so many toys the mom put them on the banister.

 There were so many, it took 2 pix.
There was also a pin and a kitty basket for the mom.

 The mom put all of them out for me to pick from

 I rolled around, it all smelled so good!

 Its SO hard to decide!

 Well, first things first...

 Yes!  All the little mousies belong under the furniture!

With that out of the way, I can settle down to hard core play!

I pulled my best kitten moves.  Throwing the mousies in the air, bunny kicking and just plain having a wild time!  The mom's camera just couldn't keep up with me so the photos don't really show how much fun everything was!  And Mica Moo Minnie kept running back and forth.  She's such a scaredy cat, you know.  Eventually she was drawn in, and she doesn't usually respond to nip!  Those photos tomorrow.  Until then, dear friends!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitty Kaos

Its Friday & the weekend is almost here!  We've started our weekend fun, but then, every day is a weekend day for us.

 Have a rassling

 bunny kicking


 tail chasing



You know you are having fun if your house looks a little "used".  Have a great time, friends, and enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MMM's Kitty Art Korner

Mica Minnie Moo is a kitty sculptress who loves to express herself directly after breakfast.  Here are a few of her more recent works.

 This is one of the most complicated pieces I've done.
Very clean lines and nicely balanced color.

 I like how I bent the squid's legs over its body.
See Oui Oui's toes?  She's SUCH a busy body!
And NOT part of the sculpture.

 Whereas some pieces are light and airy like the first photo,
this is tight and cramped, almost urban in feeling.

 The austere whiteness of the cup, the brilliant color causes an interesting tension.
What is the meaning of the bits of left over food?

 I learned don't use your mom's lunch as part of your art!
Especially when she's "running late" - whatever that is!
She was not amused when I chewed a hole in the bag and ate her lunch.
Personally, I felt it was liberating to try a new concept.

Another study in contrasts. 
I like the counter balance of the starkness vs the lively color.

 Hee, hee!  An artistic joke!

Very thought provoking.  
Is the food so horrid it needs to be hidden from the light of day, or
it is just being saved to be savored at a later moment?
The viewer gets to decide.

MMM had an art show late last summer, and she's about due for another soon.  She hopes you enjoyed her little preview at her studio.