Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White Whiskers and Toe Tufts

We Adopted a Box

Last week Mr Chewy sent us lots of good foods.  While we are eating through them, it appears the box and packing paper are here to stay.  Every time the mom looks, they are occupied.  Now she would feel bad cause she doesn't like to deny us any pleasure!

Although the photos were taken over a period of days, the kitties finally got tired of all the photos!  They're waiting for that pesky mom to go away.  They both stopped looking at the camera too - a sure sign that its time to stop.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mournful Monday

Dear Furriends,

This is a post I've been struggling with for days.  I wasn't sure if I should write it, and if I wrote it, whether I should publish it.  I'm still not sure, and I really don't know where to begin.  I try to keep the tone of this blog tongue-in-cheek and light.  This isn't either. I probably wouldn't even mention it here, except there is a lesson, or perhaps a warning to be heeded.

Last week we suddenly stopped posting.  Wednesday morning a friend and coworker was involved in a horrific freak accident at work.  She survived the trip to Shock Trauma but passed away a couple hours later.

I work at a printing company.  The equipment in the shop is notoriously dangerous and unforgiving, and no matter how careful, how much training, or how seriously we take that training, accidents happen.  Anyone who works in printing knows people who have crushed their hand in a printing press, lost fingers, smashed feet or toes, or have had a variety of other injuries.  Most of the time it involves someone taking short cuts to save time, or who has removed safeties.

Back near the loading dock we have a baler.  It compacts waste paper, straps it, then the paper is recycled.  A was walking past the baler while it was compressing.  We don't know why, but the latch of the door failed, shearing the bolts, and the door flew open throwing A 12-15 feet, slamming her head first into the concrete floor. The door then busted a hole in the cinder block wall larger than my fist, and created cracks several feet long in the wall.  I won't go into her injuries, but even one of the EMTs was shaken.  It was if she had been hit by a truck.

Several people witnessed it, and even more heard it.  I'm proud to say I work with some very courageous people.  They kept their heads, and they did all the right things.  They administered as much first aid as they could, brought her back to consciousness, and comforted her while awaiting the ambulance.  Everyone salutes them for their compassion and cool headedness while under tremendous pressure.

We, of course, are still in shock.  A did nothing wrong except be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  It could have been anyone, or a few seconds earlier or later, no one at all.  One day she was a beloved coworker, always with a smile, and then she's gone.  No one deserves to die that way.  We can only imagine how her family must feel.

Perhaps its cliche, but its so true.  We don't know when our time will come, nor do we know when its our loved ones turn.  We trust all of us will get through the day safe and sound.  Living our day to day lives, we forget how fragile and lambent our lives truly are.  Losing sight of that, stupid things annoy us, we get caught up in petty stuff, we don't say the things we should.  If there is anything to be learned, its this.  Please don't put off telling people how much they mean to you, make that phone call you never seem to have the time for.  Make things right with the people you love.  Tell them you love them.  Put forth a little extra effort.  You'll never regret it!  One day you'll look back with satisfaction that you took the time.

God bless us all.  Lord knows we need it.  God bless A and her family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  I hope its a comfort to you to know how much she was loved, and how much she is missed.

The Mom

Friday, January 27, 2012



The mom was all excited and said she had a surprise for us.  We got all excited too and 2 days later a BIG BOX was at our door!  It was from Mr. Chewy.  We were surprised cause we don't know many woofies and we are a little scairt of them.  But Mr. Chewy was really nice and NOT SCARY AT ALL!

The mom has been mumbling about changing our foods cause she noticed they have Buy Products.  She found out Mr.Chewy has squillions of good foods for us, and other things too.  She ranted she loved one of the foods very much, Tiki Cat.  She read about it and their foods are made with human quality food, at human quality places and are dolphin safe, and all other kinds of things we can't remember.  The Tiki Cat kitty is so cute!  We really want to meet her, and Carl hopes she isn't dating anyone.

Miss Tiki is a house panther, just like Carl!
"Hands off, mancats!", Carl purred.

Here is the stuff we got from Mr. Chewy.  The mom got a variety so we can help pick out our new foods!

 It was hard keeping kitties out of the photos!

 We didn't wait for her to finish opening all the foods.

 There's Taste of the Wild, Wellness and Blue Buffalo WILD DUCK!
We think the Wild Ducks must be mean like Vishus Deer!

 We tried them all!

 We like them so much, we haven't looked at the Buy Products.

 I just can't decide...

This is a great day!

Oui Oui, as Official Box Inspector and Paper Shredder, was impressed with the box and packing material.

She scratched and chewed, putting it through vigorous testing (see her quivering tail).

She is very pleased with the high quality box and pronounced it safe for all kitties.

We sure were glad the mom wasn't grumpy from visiting Mr Chewy cause she is computer challenged and gets grumpy easily if things are too difficult - ok, if they aren't really easy to use.  There's free shipping for moneys more than $49, and you can sign up for a shipping schedule and get 15% off when you do.  The mom checked his prices and they are really good!  He even gives to unfortunate kitty charities.  If you click here and use our code EDEN1515 you get 10% off and the poor kitties get $10!  

We thank Mr. Chewy for making this possible by giving the mom $50.  He is the nicest woofie we know!

 Sweet Miss Tiki, what are you doing this weekend?
Purrs & head bumps!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

White Wednesday

There's an awful lot of licking and fussing going on over there, Julie.

Holy Cow! She's got herself a stogie!

And she looks so sweet and innocent!

Monday, January 23, 2012



Ah!  The sweet life of a kitty!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


A mancat's work is NEVER done!

Can you guess who I've been taking lessons from? That's right!  Oui Oui!  She's the one that trashes the place then sleeps in the middle of it.  Do you think the mom will want to scratch my tummy after she sees this mess?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Snowed! FINALLY!

 Our first snow of the season.

Enough, but not too much!

It snowed last night and there was some freezing rain.  The big freak snowstorm in October missed us.  Folks a little to the north got a few inches, but we are close enough to the Chesapeake Bay that it influences our weather.  We tend to be on the dividing line between rain and snow.  Not that we kitties mind, we despise the snow!

I climbed under my little blanket and I'm not coming out!

We wish a wonderful weekend to all!  Have fun no matter what you do!

Friday, January 20, 2012


We had three Unsolved Mysteries over the course of the week!  The first was like a riddle, and had some hints.  To recap:

What can freeze a kitty's heart with fear?
What does a kitty go out of the way to avoid?
What can stop a THoE in their tracks with a single glance?

Our wonderful furriends had some great ideas about the mystery, and all were very plausible and creative.  The real answer wasn't among the guesses, so without further ado, here it is:


 She sits at the top of the stairs...

...controlling the entire upstairs!

Even the Thundering Herd of Elephants freeze in their tracks at the sight of her!  Their very blood turns to ice!  Mid-stairs they instantly transform into scaredy cats and slink quietly back down the stairs.  Game over!  Smart kitties (especially scaredy cats) stay out of whapping distance.  She packs one mean punch and she means business.

Our other Unsolved Mysteries involved food:

 The Mystery Bagel Licker
gave the hoomans a lesson on sharing

The Mysterious Bowl Cleaner
cleaned the bowl of "unwanted" food so the Mom didn't have to

Unfortunately, there is no answer to the two mysteries above.  They are true Unsolved Mysteries!  Many mysteries like them came before, many will follow, without a doubt.

(However, the Mom's money is on Mica Minnie Moo.)

Have a fun weekend!  Thanks for joining us.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

Once again we say goodbye to the Girl as she returns to Collich in her quest to become a horse doctor.  {{shutter}}

 The Girl and Oui Oui say good bye

Have you noticed something (those faithful followers who visit frequently)?  Oui Oui likes to be held two ways, and those ways only.  Her favorite is over the left shoulder.  If she is held another way, she will squirm until she's in her purrferred position.

This is the other way she likes to be held.  Honestly.  We call it the "Snausage".

Don't forget tomorrow is the big Unsolved Mystery reveals!  Woo Hoo!  Stay tuned!
(We hope you don't have trouble falling asleep tonight.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We are so honored to win the LIEF!! Award from our dear furriends at Bengal Business.  In case you haven't visited them, they are a pair of stunning Bengals, Lars and Odin.  They are sweet and mischievous - everything a kitty should be, AND THEY HAVE SPOTS!!  Lots of them!  If you want to fall in love, stop by and see them.  By the way, this handsome award was designed and developed by them, so they are talented as well.

"Lief" is Dutch for "Sweet", and we get to pass this award on to 3 deserving blogs.  The worst part of winning an award is deciding whom to pass it along to.  We wish we could give it to 10 times as many!  So after deliberation, here are the kitties we are passing the award to:

Mario da Cat - He is sweet cause he always helps someone who needs it, and always has a kind word.
Meezer Tails - The mom stumbled on their blog a couple years ago and started blogging because of them, so she wouldn't have met all the wonderful, sweet blogging kitties without them.  (Little Nicky is a sweetheart, too.)
Katnip Lounge - Many a time they have sweetened our lives with laughter at their crazypants antics and biting wit.

The mom truly feels badly she couldn't pass the award onto many of the kitties who visit daily, cause you all are sweet and winners in her eyes!  Her life is sweetened by knowing you all!  Thank you for sharing your time with us.