Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flashback Friday: Kitten Alert!

Thanks to all for coming to our party!  We hope everyone had an enjoyable time.  We don't think anyone will forget the sight of a horde of cats running to Pin-the-Tail on that vishus deer.  Oui Oui meows until she's crying every time she thinks of it!  And weren't those roasted bugs the best?  No one could believe how many lady cats Spitty talked into napping with him.  Who would think so many cats could fit in one bed!

Hang out for as long as you like, there's plenty of foods left.  While everyone is recuperating, we have some pictures of when we were kittens to show you.

 Breakfast time at the ranch.

 The orange and white cat is Lumpy and the tortie is Minnie Pumpkin.

 Carl was hard to photograph even then.

We wish the mom had found some photos from when we were really little.
But these will have to do for now.

 Bonus kittens!  
The mom's first cat, Leia, had a litter a month after the mom took her in.
From left to right, there's Shadow, Figaro and Attila.

Attila was all white with blue Meezer eyes that flashed red.
So, he wasn't deaf.
He could hear the quietest can opener a block away!

Minnie Pumpkin was adorable,
and what a sense of humor she had!

Everyone have a great weekend!
Stay cool, warm or dry - depending where you live.
And safe no matter where!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Happy Birthday Julie and Carl!

Fifteen years and 2 months ago, a grand champion Persian followed her wilder instincts
 and ran out of the house at an opportune moment.
Two months later her kittens were born,
alas, not destined for the show ring,
 but rather the vet's office, looking for a good home.
The vet asked the mom if she would take both as they didn't want to break them up.
The rest is history!

All kitties and woofies are invited to help us celebrate!
We are having a cookout!

 Its by the lake for those who'd like to fish.

 There's plenty of other small creatures who'd love to play with us.

 Lots of stink bugs too.

Well, look who volunteered!

Anyone up for a game of Pin-the-Tail on the Vishus Deer?
There will be a treasure hunt too!

After you've worked up an appetite, stop by the camp fire.

There's lots of good food

Instead of S'mores, try skewering and roasting the fat juicy bugs you found on the Treasure Hunt!
Just delish!

Of course there's niptinis

And milk or crystal clear water for the little ones.

Save room for the birthday cakes!

 Julie's cake.

Carl's cake.

After dark we can hunt for lightening bugs.

And glow worms.

We're bringing our comfiest beds for anyone who wants to snooze near the fire.

Carl can't wait to sing around the campfire!
He's hoping for a howling good time.
The woofies are invited to a contest
to see who has the best howl after the moon comes up.

Thank you for coming to our party!
We hope you had fun.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassed?  Who, us?

 One of the world's worst photos!
MMM looks like a bat!

 Anytime we are dressed or adorned is embarrassing.

 Ok, we're speechless.

 From the time we all needed flea baths.

 A wet cat...

 ...just doesn't...

 ...look good!

Enough already!

For more embarrassed cats, visit The Tabby Cat Club.


Monday, June 25, 2012


Over the weekend the dreaded PTU came out, and guess who the victim was?  Yes, me!  Of course, at first I was sweet and unsuspecting, but when I figured out the mom's nefarious plan I fought like a wild cat!  The vishus VET may poke at my eye and terrorize me, but I left my marks on the mom!  She's is now sporting a scratch on her leg, three of them on her arm and a couple puncture marks on her shoulder for good measure.  She was glad I only have 4 paws with claws.  I'm very good at turning into Velcro Kitty.  Guess you should have clipped my nails first, evil one.

I look calm here because this is a picture from a different visit to the VETS. 
I fought so hard I was actually hanging upside down by my claws from the top of the PTU!

I was going in for a recheck for the damage I did to my cornea.
Thankfully I don't need any more drops or trips to the VETS.
I might have a very small scarred area in the corner of my eye,
but that's it!

All that struggling wiped me out!
You were going to wash these blankies?
Well, I think it will just have to wait a little bit.

On the bright side, we will be celebrating a couple birthdays later this week!  I can't wait!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Manoeuvring Monday

Spitty asked us to show other photos of Oui Oui's paw dexterity.  Although she walks on other narrow items, the mom has only gotten pictures of her on the headboard.  She walks on the banisters, and now Mica Moo is doing it too.  The mom calls it the "Cat Super Highway".  Unfortunately, the mom has not had her "camera" (her phone) handy to capture those thrilling moments.

 The mom was too slow on the uptake for this session.

 Oui Oui is an old hand at walking the headboard, and manoeuvres with ease.

 She looks behind the headboard, or can use it as a launching pad.  Look out Mica Moo!

How does she stand with all 4 paws in one small area?  And she didn't leave a butt stain on the wall!

She can turn all the way around.

It doesn't look like it thanks to the mom's stunning photographic skill, but she is playing with green curly ribbon bow.

Oui Oui enjoys walking on this ledge at the top of the stairs,
She performs her famous "Whippy Tail Dance" on it.
She once fell off this ledge onto the mom's head as the mom was walking up the stairs,
causing the mom to think she fell off something the day she damaged her cornea.

Ok, Spitty!  Up and at 'em!  Out of that pink kitty bed, and onto the banisters, headboards, or whatever stirs your little kitty imagination!  Stun your beans with your feline sure-footedness!


Mario, here is your cartoon!
We hope you like it!