Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sweet Dreams, Carl

27 June 1997 - 28 August 2015

It's with great sadness we tell you of the loss of our sweet, dapper mancat, Carl.  Although he was 18, it seemed possible he would live for a long time yet, but he was destined to come in to the world with Julie and to leave it shortly after her. 

Carl had just been to the vet's for his check up and had a full blood work up done.  No kidney disease, no liver disease, no imbalances of any kind.  Incredibly his results showed a purrfectly healthy cat, even his teeth were white and clean without tartar, a week later he was gone. 

Last Friday morning he had problems walking and was falling over, having difficulty getting to his feet, unable to eat or even look up.  Looking into his eyes, the difference in the dilation of his pupils explained what happened.  He'd had a stroke overnight.

Carl and Julie as wee ones.

One of Carl's greatest pleasures was playing.

It really didn't matter what the toy was.

All kinds of banging came from the bathroom as he chased his tail and banked off the tub.
Oui Oui wonders if Carl has lost his mind!

Nothing feels better than airing your belly after making a really big mess.

Carl loved his boxes too!

Singing was another great pleasure!
He'd slip out of the house late at night
and rendezvous with Admiral Hestorb, Katie Isabella's
predecessor and giggle when they kept Katie's mom awake at night.

You can hear him singing here.
Such a tiny little voice!

He did a lot of traveling too!
Here he is with Moosey and friends in Paris.

All packed and ready to sail the high seas to Australia
with his friends from Da Tabbies O Trout Towne.

Unlike Julie, he didn't mind being dressed up 
and enjoyed wearing his tie.

He was a pacifist and never fought with any cat,
not even a hiss when new kitties joined the family.

Running down stairs to breakfast was serious business.  So were product reviews.  Everything got a 4 paw rating and it was often was race with Julie to see who could eat the most.

Good bye, sweet boy!  So much was lost in this world when you left it, but there is the promise of seeing you again, and what a happy time that will be!  No doubt you are singing with the angels.  Til we met again!

Wake up!  It's time to eat!