Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rest in Peace, Julie

June 27, 1997 - July 8, 2015

Beloved sister of  Carlos "Carl" Raphael Camaro, beloved sweetheart of Gabriel of Mewsings of Cottage Garden Cats, sisterly companion of Oui Oui, nemesis of Mica Minnie Moo, cherished family member of The Girl and the mom. 

 A little charmer from the start.

Julie was the daughter of a grand champion mother who had a wild night of hanky panky, meowgaritas and fun after slipping out the door one evening.  She inherited her mother's beauty and lovely long furs, as soft as an angel's kiss.  While she was tiny, never more than 10 lbs, she was a true dynamo and all the cats learned to respect her and her personal space.  The mom is convinced when William Shakespeare wrote "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" he had Julie in mind.

Julie didn't suffer fools, or foolishness, lightly.

This past year has been a difficult one for Julie.  She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and by the end of the year her kidneys were beginning to fail.  She found a balance and comfortable equilibrium through meds, subQ fluids and diet, and while she never gained back all the weight she had lost, she held her own.

Her funny antics, like sleeping with her arms in the air,
would make the mom laugh.

In the beginning of June, The Girl found a tumor on her throat which turned out to be a very large goiter.  When her blood work came back, the vet wasn't as concerned about her hyperthyroidism as he was about her kidneys.  She was in stage III kidney failure.

 She could win hearts with one glance.

Over the last week, Julie had started eating less but otherwise acting normally.  The mom, hoping it was because she had so much food to eat she wasn't as hungry as she had been, kept a close eye on it. Wednesday morning Julie wasn't sleeping in her favorite spot, the one she used if not in the bed, and didn't come in the bathroom as was her routine.  Very suspicious, the mom carried her down to the kitchen where Julie hung over the water bowl without drinking.  When given her breakfast, Julie walked back to the water bowl and sat there rather dazed.

Julie could control the entire upstairs with one well positioned roost.

The mom made her as comfortable as possible and was able to get an appointment for noon.  When time for her appointment, Julie still hadn't eaten and was lying on her padded cushion, apparently not having moved since the morning.  The vet said it was the right decision and the mom stayed with her until the end.

 Julie takes loving care of the mom 
after she was injured feeding feral cats last summer.

She will be greatly missed, Julie was always a mommy's girl.  Just hearing the mom say her name was enough reason to purr.  Fly away, sweetie, whole and beautiful.  I'm glad you didn't suffer too much or too long, though it breaks my heart not to have you with me.  Run free and easy, my love.