Thursday, January 31, 2013


We are sure you have noticed what HUGE sports fans we are!
While we much prefer a good hockey game,
it is our home team playing in the Superbowl.

So before we sign off for the week,
we say, "Good Luck Ravens!"
Make all the Hons back home proud.
Raise those Natty Bohs on high!

We have to confess,
we kitties will probably sleep through the game.

Blankies waiting their turn in the washing machine work great!


On the subject of Spencer, the kitty from yesterday's post who is looking for a home, all we can say is WOW!  We've never gotten so many heated responses to any post.  We agree with everyone completely and don't understand how anyone can just toss aside a cuddly companion of 10 years.  It would have never occurred to us to relinquish a pet, no matter how long or short a time we had it.  We still have Julie, don't we?  (Hee, hee!  Just kidding!)

Julie's stink eye, still going strong.

We'd like to point out for those lovely peeps who are tweeting and posting about Spencer, many kitties live to 18 and 20 years old.  It seems like 10 is merely middle age.  So remind folks not let Spencer's age be a hindrance.  He could have many long years.

Thank you to everyone who posted and tweeted about Spencer!  Lets hope he finds a good home soon.

Please keep up the good tweets & posts, and everyone have a fantastic weekend!  Purrs from your furriends!  We hope those in the States enjoy the big game.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help Spread the Word

Please Help a Sweet Kitty Find a Good Home

This is Spencer and he lives in LA. 

He is cuddly and gets along with other kitties.

His dad Jeff is getting married and his family will soon include 2 inter-species challenged dogs, so Jeff is trying to find a good home for him.  This indoor/ outdoor kitty is 10 years old, so he doesn't stand much of a chance at a traditional shelter.  His dad can be contacted at if anyone is interested.

His dad would be most appreciative if people could take the time to help get the word out and tweet or post this sweet fellow's picture on FB.

Thanks, furriends!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Forgotten

While we are all nice, dry and warm
With full bellies

We take a minute 

To remember the unfortunates 

who have no where to go on a cold afternoon.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Uh . . .No!

What do you mean, get up, you want to go to bed?

Sorry, can't you see we're sleeping here?

The Tabby Cat Club is having an event Monday captioning photos,
Stop by and see what our creative tabbies came up with!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Leia & Attila Visit the Mom's Parents

 Attila chilaxing on the loveseat.

 Leia, wearing her Dolly Parton collar, joins him . . .

 . . . and gets down to motherly duties.

 Sorry, Auntie Teresa, I'm a one bean kitty, and you aren't it!
Could it be the hair?
(I can't believe we purposefully did such things to our hair!
And we won't even touch the subject of decor.)

The complete opposite of his mom,
Attila is everybody's friend!
He's hanging out with G-pa here.

Such a little cutie!

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!
Those up North, stay warm;
Those Down Under, keep cool!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Anniversary!

An Anniversary we never thought would happen!

We've had our Chewy box for an entire year!

You probably remember the mom whining about how she wanted to get rid of it.  But we pulled together.
Each of us did our part . . . 

. . . making sure it was occupied at all times, so if she threw out the box . . .

 . . .one of us was going with it.  It took a lot of cooperation, especially as there's two of us who aren't allowed to look at each other, but we did it!

Oh, sure, its showing its age.
 And clearly has some small mammal damage.

Or purrhaps that was some vishus tabby tiger damage?
Care to comment Miss Oui Oui?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tortiemeezer Tuesday

Holy Cod!  Yesterday Oui Oui woke up in a playful mood and invited kitties over to play.  Soon there was a house full of cats running up and down the stairs while others were rassling in the living room!

Is the coast clear?

Someone even shredded a roll of TP.  It was an impromptu kitty party!  With dozens of hungry cats hounding her, the mom had to run to the store for more stinky wet stuff and snacks.  After everyone ate as much as they liked, Carl led a kitty choir in all his favorite tunes until the neighbors complained.  So we hope every one had a great time!

Now its quieted down and everyone is napping.  Its time for me to do my favorite thing, helping the mom on the puter.  I am the kitty IT cat.

I snoopervise the mom to make sure she doesn't lock up the puter. 

This is the warmest spot in the house.  The puter sends off lots of heat and the mom's arm is warm too.  I hope none of the other kitties figure this out and try to take my place.  Carl's tried it a couple times.

Ah!  The keyboard and the mom's arm at the same time.
If she got voice recognition, she wouldn't need the keyboard at all! 

Now I'm on her left arm and resting my head on her right one.  Despite what she said, she could still type.  She kept pushing my paws off the keyboard.  I will take over all one day!

Time to watch some videos!

Mica Minnie Moo

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Play Date

Who wants to play?

Its so comfy and warm here, I was having a little snooze.
But now that I'm awake, its time to play. 

Ready for a little friendly rassling match or a rousing game of THoE?  We have a great set of stairs that really echos well!

Then a snack & time for a kitty pile.  Sound good?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flashback Friday - Leia Part V

We did a series of flashbacks on the mom's first cat Leia near the end of last year, but the mom's lobotomy, brainectomy and the holidays interrupted them.  So here, FINALLY, is the last post about Leia. (The other parts are here:  Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV)

Leia in the snow wearing her Dolly Parton collar
(gold with rhinestones).

When the mom took Leia in, she was about half way through her pregnancy.  Her Gotcha Day was August 22 and the kittens' Birthday Day was September 20.  In the middle of that night the mom woke up to the sounds of a brand new kitten.

She went to Leia to pet and comfort her but was secretly worried about the the kittens being born healthy.  She tried to get up but Leia meowed pitifully when she did, so she stayed and petted her throughout the rest of her labor.  The mom had to close her eyes when the next kitten was born (she is SUCH a wuss!), but watched when the third kitten was born.  It was her first time witnessing a birth.  Eventually Leia had four sons.

From left to right:  Shadow, Figaro & Attila.
The fourth kitten looked similar to Shadow.

Leia was such a good mom. She took excellent care of her babies and she put up with all of their antics.  Leia hated her tail being touched, but she allowed the kittens to play with it as long as they liked.  Her expressive face told how much she hated this activity as she angrily flicked her tail about but she handled it with good grace and never denied her babies such a fun pastime.

A web photo, but it looks just like Leia.

One day the mom came home from work and she couldn't find the kittens (they were living in her bedroom).  Frantically, she looked everywhere over and over again.  No kittens.  She was desperate and knowing it made no sense, started to become afraid Leia had eaten them.

Finally she found them in a bookcase up on a high shelf.  She gave them a new nesting box (again) and moved the first kitten in it.  As she moved the second kitten, Leia carried the first one back to the bookcase shelf.  When the mom moved the third kitten to the box, Leia took the second to the bookcase.  And so on.  Realizing this could go on for a very long time, the mom moved 2 kittens at a time, and Leia gave up.

Leia & Attila

The kittens found a small space they fit in but Leia could not.  Poor Leia would call to them while they were in their "clubhouse" but they would ignore her and huddle in a kitten pile for a little nap.  There's enough kitten stories that we'll save them for another flashback.

A web photo of a Korat
They all look the same, 
except for slight differences.

Leia was a tolerate, loving mom who set a good example of what a mother should be.  Everyone should be so lucky to have such a great mom.  So long as her kittens needed her, they were her life.

 The mom found good homes for three of them and kept the one the other people didn't pick.  Naturally, Leia and Attila were close life long friends.  She never did wean him.  Luckily he lost interest but it was long after he was bigger than her.  It drove the mom nuts!  Even worst than kitties picking their toes in bed at night.

Whenever someone makes a negative comment about the type of mothers cats are, we know they couldn't be speaking from personal experience.  Cat moms are the best!  We've seen plenty of human moms who could learn a thing or two from a cat.

Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Lethargy

What to do?  Its been so dreary and gloomy here the last day or so, now we might even get some snow!

There's nothing on the TV.  Not a bird or chipmunk in sight.  {{sigh}}  Not even an introoder . . .

I've already watched cute kitten videos.
Even they seem a little glum.

I don't feel like reading any more.

That lousy Julie isn't around to annoy
and Oui Oui is sleeping on a dining room chair. 

Maybe a little fun with a nip toy is what I need. 

And then a snooze in the box.

I'll get some scratches and a snuggle when the mom comes home.
Then everything will be all right.