Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr Seuss Day & An Award

Its Dr. Seuss Day and if we were clever, we'd come up with a nifty rhyme.  As it is, we'll just post a picture of Carl in a Hat.  Not quite the same as Cat in a Hat, but . . .

One of our furriends, Clowie of Clowie's Corner gave us an award!  Its the "Why I Love Thee" Award.  If you don't know charming Clowie, she is one of the sweetest woofies there is.  She is well behaved and civilized - unlike us!

For this award, we have to thank and link back to Clowie, which, of course, is just good manners.  Then we have to either tell why we love our purrsons, or our purrsons have to say why they love us.  Then we pass it along.

Well, we think its pretty obvious why our purrson is smitten with us, so we are going to say why we love our purrson.  Its seems only fair after all our whining about her.  Just don't expect it every day!

We love our mom cause she scratches us whenever we want, and she doesn't mind when we wake her up in the middle of the night wanting scratches, even if a couple other kitties have woken her up already.  She lets us snoopervise blogging and we have had our Chewy box for over a year.  She buys us yummy foods and has never given up finding something Oui Oui will like.  She only yells a little bit when Carl serenades in the middle of the night.  She doesn't get bent out of shape when we do something everyone knows we aren't allowed to do, even when Oui Oui looks her right in the eye while doing it.  She just laughs and calls her a rascal, thinking its Oui Oui's sense of humor.

So now, we get to pass along the award.  This is the hardest part, cause we'd like to pass along to everyone.  We have so many lovely furriends.  So here is our list.  Excuse us for not linking back to everyone.

1 - The Furries of Whisppy
2 - Maxwell, Faraday & Allie
3 - Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats
4 - Colehaus Cats
5 - Debra Taylor
6 - Sweet Purrfections

Thank you everyone, and have a fabulous weekend!  Head bonks & kitty kisses!

By the way, there is a really sad situation over at Sherlock's.  They have had to give up most of their kitties and could use some purrs & comforting words.  Its truly heartbreaking.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its Not Quite Over

The mom felt so guilty about poor Julie, she spent lots of time snuggling up with Julie the first couple days after her cut.  She had no idea Julie would have to be shaved, and in some places it was down to the skin.  The mom wanted to keep her tail and mane, but those had to be cut too.  And the ordeal isn't over.  Julie needs to go back in a few weeks so her furs can be evened out properly.

Julie hates being combed, except on her back, but that is where her mats don't form and she doesn't hesitate to let the mom know how she feels about grooming.

Although the mom hopes she can have a lion cut with full tail to match her purrsonality, Julie might wind up with a squirrel cut.  Then she could be on kitty TV, hee hee!  Its astonishing how little she is!  Oui Oui, who isn't a big cat by any means, is a couple inches taller than Julie.  It reminds the mom of the line from A Midsummer's Night's Dream, "Though she be but little, she is fierce."

Julie used to go to her old vets to be groomed, but their cat person left so they stopped grooming cats. The next place had to sedate her, which they did without permission, then charged for a vet exam (which Julie had just had at her own vets), the sedation and the grooming.  We never went back there.

The mom feels really lucky to have found Julie's new beauty salon.  They like cats and know how to handle them without sedation, trauma or drama.  Amazingly, they like Julie, and she might even like them!

Here is their card, if it helps anybody out there.  (We haven't received anything for saying nice things about them.)  Good luck trying to read that card, its enhanced by the mom's photography.  We'll put it on the side bar.

Next time Julie and her squeeze, Gabriel, have a party, we bet she's going to stay out of the mosh pit!  And there's rumors he could even be a significant other!  More to come . . .

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


No need to adjust your computer or other electronic device!  The sound has been muted to protect the environment and the hearing of the innocent.  You've been around enough to know how bad the whining is!

Monday, February 25, 2013

World Spay Day

Those little kittens are so cute and beguiling.  They do the funniest things and are such adorable little airheads.  Only its not so funny or cute when their parents don't have enough to eat, a nice warm home, medical care when they need it.  Or worse, they are put down because their time was up at the shelter.  So make sure all your critters are spayed and neutered.  We know we are preaching to the choir, but we just had to say it anyway.

Oui Oui with her shaved belly when she was a wee kitten.

Mica Minnie Moo sporting a shaved belly too.
You can look around if you like,
but you won't find anything there.



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mancat Monday

Kitties, I'm interrupting this important after-shredding nap to apologize for mysterppearing* all last week.  Once again, the mom seemed to think several things were more important than our blogging.  The excuses!  Oy vey!  First, it was The Really Big Project That Had To Be Finished at work, then it was she had to get everything in to the accountant so The Girl could file her FASFA in time for one of her scholarships, then The Girl was hospitalized with food poisoning.  What a week!

Well, now we are going to try to pick up where we left off, even though all momentum and continuity has been lost.  As you might remember, there was an impromptu party.  And there were some consequences.  After the party Julie had such horrid mats, she had to go to the beauty salon.

The mom couldn't believe how she got that bad so quickly.  I didn't rat her out, but all I'll say is **coff**  **coff**  mosh pit  **coff**.

So remember this picture of Julie?

Wait until you see her now!  BTW, The Girl is fine now . . . or at least she's back to classes and work, but still feeling a little woozy.

*  Do you like the word "mysterppearing?  Its short for a mystery disappearance.  Another coinage from our mom who also gave the world "Butt Butter" - you know, the nasty stuff that's inside impacted anal glands.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fancy Cat Friday

The mom calls me her Fancy Cat cause I have stripes and "polky dots".  And I'm so cute and sweet which really helps!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Valentine's Party!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

With all the cold and snow, Julie and her handsome mancat squeeze, Gabriel from Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats, decided to have an impromptu Valentine's party.  So step on in and make yourself comfortable.

There hasn't been too much to do lately.  There's a few stink bugs still around and occasionally a mousie can be found, but the spring peepers and chipmunks haven't come out to play yet.  So Julie & her suave Gman decorated their cozy little hide away under the shed, did some counter surfing to steal some noms from the kitchen and decided to have a few, select furriends in.  And of course, you're invited!

There's plenty of warm blankies from the clean laundry, so grab some food and drinks then snuggle up with your neighbor and enjoy!

The shed is to the left of the deck.  
It doesn't look like much from the outside.

But Julie and her Prince Charming worked very hard to have a sweet place to call their own, where they can escape the hub bub of noisy moms.

They took turns distracting the mom and lifting some foods.

There's Teriyaki Salmon, Roast Chick-hen with Wilted Catnip and Roast Beast.

Then help yourself a drink, or two.

Strawberry milkshakes, meowgaritas and of course champagne.

Drinks can be made without alcohol for those kitties under the age of 21!

There are plenty of Valentine goodies!

Hasn't the mom been busy!  And what a cook, not to mention talented baker.

All while some light background music plays.

Naturally, the younger set is invited too!

This Valentine's Day we hope you find your heart's desire!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day, dear furriends.

Hee!  Hee!
We had to add a nod to Bawlmer*.

* Fer ya'll livin in Yerp (Europe) an other places owen Erf (on Earth)
this is Bawlmerese fer Baltimore, Merlin (Maryland), Hon.