Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Minnie Moo Explains...

Hi all you purry nice kitties!  I was worried you would think I was really mean, so the Lady suggested I talk to you a little before continuing.  She and the Girl think I had a very rough life (yes, I was listening in under the couch).  They said any kitties who had their hackles up for 9 months and next to no trust must have had a terrible life. They tried to figure out if I was Out There so long I was turning Completely Wild or maybe I went Out There because of a horrible person and I wanted to start a better life.  Being a mysterious kitty I didn't tell them (and I wanted to keep listening too).  I was also feeling a bit sorry for myself!

The Lady said it broke her heart cause she could see if I had a good home from the beginning I would be a wonderful kitty.  I was a little surprised cause I thought ALL kitties were wonderful just the way they are!  I think she must like it when I sometimes reach out and rest my paw on her arm.  I played with her hand purry gently a couple times and she thought that must be how a mother kitty touches her babies.  In the middle of the night I love scratches and I don't want them to end!  I don't pull away, or worry about needing to escape.  I don't lean away from her hand.  I am not scairt at all!! She told me if she didn't know it was me from my purry soft furs, she would think it was another kitty!

There was a purry special kitty who came before.  The Lady's sister rescued him and he came to live with the Lady.  He had been torchered and thrown out of a moving car.  He was missing teeth and furs, his pads were deformed the rest of his life and was covered in so many lumps he was named Lumpy.  Lumpy would spazz if anyone picked him up.  The Lady worked with him and finally when he was 15 years old, he stopped spazzing out.  I think the Lady is hoping I don't take THAT long!  He was part Meezer, like me.  She says I may not be the kitty she was thinking she was getting, but I am the kitty she got.  I don't hit Carl anymore, but I still like to walk up and hiss at him!

I guess I'll talk about Julie next time!  The Lady wanted me to say she is trying to visit, but she has been working until 10 pm, and it is hard to leave comments when she is falling asleep.  She appreciates all the nice visiting kitties and hopes to comment purry soon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After a few days, I met the other kitties.  Being a smart street cat, I knew a good offense is a good defense (Mom Lady:  And she certainly was offensive!).  I hissed at everything!  Stuffed animals that looked like kitties, pillows that sort of looked like kitties, a clay pot that looked like a kitty, a towel that smelled like kitties, kitties... The Lady started calling me Miss Hiss, she had to hide all those things cause I wasn't taking any chances.  When I felt more comfy, I walked up to each and every kitty (except Julie, cause I wasn't allowed to meet her), hissed right in their faces and whomped them as hard as I could. I did this whenever I saw them or when I had nothing better to do.  Specially Carl, I like whapping him so I go out of my way just to do it!

After a month or so, I was ready to sleep at "Kitty Central" - the big bed with lots of kitty pillows.  I walked up to each kitty, hissed at him/ her and whapped really hard, then I would pick a nice place near them and take a nap.  Being a bad *ss is really hard work and I had to let them know even if I was asleep, I am not someone to mess with.  So DON'T TRY IT!  Fortunately the other kitties just looked at me, most times Carl didn't even wake up!  I treated Carl like this for almost a year but I only did it to Oui Oui for a couple weeks cause she is a sweet and playful kitty!  There was another really old oranj kitty, Toby, but he ran off to the bridge before I stopped hissing at him.  He too was a formerly feral kitty who was born in a barn, so he understood.

Just so everyone knew exactly who they were dealing with (and cause I was really scairt on the inside)  I kept my hackles up ALL the time.  While I played, while I ate, while I slept.  The Lady would massage them so I would relax, but I had them up from my Gotcha time in the middle of the hots until when the flowers came up after the cold.  When the Girl came home for the hots, I put them up for another month!  Just in case...

 Eating with raised hackles

 Sleeping with raised hackles

Oui's raised hackles the first time she saw me

I'll have to tell the story of Julie next time...if one of us doesn't kill the other one first!!

Monday, August 29, 2011


I don't like to talk about or think of my days on the streets.  I wish I could say I ran with a gang of Chiwahwahs like Kismet, but my life was not that much fun.  Eventually I was caught and brought to a loud,  noisy and scary place with lots of kitties and dogs.  I spent my days throwing myself against the bars holding me in, trying to get free.  (Feral kitties do that the Vishus Evil Torcherer (V.E.T.) said.)  I was taken in a PTU to a really big place with lots of kitties walking around free, but I was scairt and lived mostly on a little ledge on the wall.  They had the most delishus food and I ate everything!!  I am a purry good eater and I love food a lot!  They did lots of scary bad things to me, they even cut my tummy open.  A couple days after that I was put in a PTU and taken to a House.

I had my own room all to myself!  The first night I was so happy I lost my head and even played with the toys the people had!.  And I purred.  But I still lived by the rules of the street.  Don't put yourself in harm's way.  When I played with the people, most of me stayed under the bed in case something evil happened.  The Lady said I was like a hermit crab with only the front end out of its shell.  Nothing could get me out farther, not even food.  Don't get within arm's reach.  No matter how hungry you are, don't come out to eat until its safe, and they are far enough away.  Maintain  your distance.  Always have an exit.  I am still like this today, but not quite as bad.  Just try to catch me though!

One day the Lady touched my back.  It felt really good what she was doing, but I didn't know what it was.  I turned around fast to see and that scairt her.  It scairt the Girl and the V.E.T. too when I did it to them.  None of them saw anyone move as fast as me unless they were attacking!  One time it felt so good, I threw myself on the floor and almost rolled around before I realized what I had done.  That time I scairt myself and had to run away!!  After a while, I didn't have to turn around anymore.  Now I like it most of the time.

I could smell other kitties in the house, but I didn't meet them for a while.  I'll tell you next about how Oui and I became friends, and Julie and I enemies.

This is me when I first came

I weighed 7 Lbs 10 Ozs

This is me now.  I am a good eater.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thank You for All the Purrs!

First I want to say thank you to all you nice kitties for all your purrayers and purrs. They really helped!  We were all so purry lucky!  Irlene came ashore as a #1, not a #2 hurricane like the folks thought it might.  We lost power for only 5 minutes - that doesn't even count!  The basement is dry.  Many leaves came down in our neighborhood, but no trees and not many branches.  We were purry, purry lucky.  The nooz peoples are all saying every one was lucky.  Early this morning 540,000 peoples and kitties had no lectricity in Murlin, so we hope they get it back quickly!  We hope everyone on the East Coast can say it wasn't as bad as they thought, or it could have been!  Also, we hope they get their lectricity back quickly so they can feed their kitties!


Hi!  This is Julie!  I had a purry, purry nice night sleeping with Mommy in my favorite place!  Well, we really didn't sleep very much at all cause the winds howled purry loudly ALL NIGHT LONG!  We are still awake cause they are so loud!  Instead of sleeping I purred and purred cause I am always so happy to be with Mommy in my favorite place on my favorite pillow.  I do not share my pillow with the other cats cause I don't like them.  They leave the pillow smelling funny, and not in a good way.  Plus it clashes with their furs.  But mostly I just don't like any of them, specially Mica.  My pillow has bright colored snowflakes and cause I am all white and beautiful with a really fluffy tail I look purry good on it.  The really exciting nooz is that WE STILL HAVE LECTRICITY!!!  It did go out 3 times, which scairt me so I had to hide for a little bit till I was sure nothing evil was happening.  Then I went back with Mommy and squeaked at her and purred.  Mommy turned on the peoples TV and she thinks we got about 7 inches of rain, so it is wet outside.  And windy.  Mommy was worried Irene stalled and that's why the winds didn't slow down.  At midnight there were about 300,000 peoples in Murlin without lectricity so Mommy is purry happy we still have it.  We hope every body else is ok.  That is my report.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Fur, Irene is a Pussycat!

Two of us will be reporting.  Carl was combed and his man cat pride hurt, so he is sulking under the bed.  Julie was napping.  So here's my report:

The Kitty TV was purry boring.  Chipmunk Antics and Bird Buddies were canceled due to the whether.  Sun bathing wasn't possible.  Its been raining since noon, but at least the trees are dancing nicely.  The peoples TV said 50,000 peoples and kitties don't have lectricity.  I hope they have hand can openers and lots of dry crunchies.  The bad part of the storm should be starting soon and last until 2 am.  When Irene hit land it was moving due north so it would have come right up the Chesapeake Bay, but then it moved north east.  So its sposed to pass about 20 miles east of OC (Ocean City for you non Murlin folks). Now I'm purry worried about the wild ponies on Assateague Island.  I hope they are smart ponies and know good hiding places that are way above sea level.  I like visiting them and don't believe they are vishus and would really bite anyone even if they are feral.  They like to put their noses in the car windows looking for food.  You aren't sposed to feed them, but some people must or they wouldn't do it.  The winds are sposed to get up to 40-55 miles per hour sustained (whatever that means).  That's my report!  If Irene turns mean, I will update.  Also, don't forget the delishus crabs.  All this fresh water rain and run off isn't good for them.

Hi, this is Mica Minnie Moo reporting.  Today was like most Saturdays.  The Lady washed dishes, did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms while the Girl ran the loud, scary sucky monster.  No body was too busy to give out scratches any time any one wanted them.  The girl combed Carl and his language was atroshus.  He even scairt Oui.  The Girl volunteered to do it cause she tells him in a stern voice "OH NO YOU DON'T!" when he wants to bite and he doesn't.  She says it works on horses too.

Oooo!  The lights started flickering!  The fun is starting!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Whew! Its been a Busy Time IRENE!

The Mom Lady has been purry busy getting ready for Irene.  I never met this Irene before, but I have never seen the Mom this busy doing weirdo things!  She even packed 30 lbs. of ice in the freezer.  She said when Isabel came to visit (this was before my time) there was NO LECTRICITY FOR 4 DAYS.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???  I LIKE the cold blowy air!  She was saying she was worried about the wild animals Out There.  I hope the crabs in the Chesapeake Bay will be OK!  They are delishus! (My sisters wanted me to say that.  I don't like peoples food that much cept for BUTTER and whipped cream.)  And the crabs live kinda down the street from us, so they are like neighbors.  I am tired from supervising all this work and Mica Moo was NO help.  She did come around once to see what was going on but she was in shock after going to the V.E.T.s.  And getting a bath.

The Girl isn't going away now until after Irene leaves.  She was really stressing cause she was sposed to move the same time Irene was visiting.  I was xtra snuggley with her which I know she appreciated.  That was just to show what a nice kitty I am and I don't hold grudges CAUSE SHE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE BATH!  I yelled at her as loud as I could, but I will hafta tell that story another time.

We will be purring and purraying for all who Irene visits!  Please don't take chances.  Stay inside, especially the littler kitties who might get blown away.  And remember the wild creetures, specially the crabs and the shrimps.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Its been a really busy day  ALL OF US WENT TO THE VISHUS EVIL TORCHERER (V.E.T.) and got poked and pinched and poisoned.  The day was complete with yelling, swearing, scratching and biting!  I will try to tell you the story tomorrow but the Mom Lady has been purry purry busy with the Girl leaving and Irene.

Please all of you kitties (and your beans) please stay safe during the bad wether!  I'll be saying purrayers.  Also, make sure your people have hand can opener not a lectric one! Kitties must still be fed even if there is no lectricity!  (Mom Lady just told me most have pop tops.  Still, better safe than sorry.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm So Excited!

Some very nice kitties have visited me, and I am so purry, purry excited to have new friends!  Thanks all you wonderful kitties! I will visit you too, I hope soon!  The Mom Lady is busy stacking boxes cause the Girl is leaving soon, and she is now talking about a purricane coming in a couple days.  I wanted to finish my story and the other kitties here have been hollering at me cause they all have stories to tell.  Especially Mica Minnie Moo.  She is the newest kitty and lived Out There for a long time before coming home.

When I was a little kitty, the big kitties didn't want to play with me!  They still don't want to play with me!  Age is no excuse, its a cat-itude I would tell them.  Julie hissed.  Carl blinked.  But the Girl played with me.  We played jump in the bag, fetch (I taught her that one) and chased each other around the house!  Fun times! She would jump out at me and yell "Meertah!"*, chase me then turn and run, and I would chase her.  Then she was going away.  Not all the time, but most of the time.  Mom Lady was worried about me and decided I needed my purry own pet kitty!  

Mom Lady also had told the Girl for a long time when she left home she would be replaced by a Meezer.  So Mom Lady got a Meezer for my purry own pet kitty!  My pet kitty is Mica Moo. But sometimes she is not a purry good kitty.  She tries, and she is going to tell her story next.

*  Meertah is another nickname of mine.  The people say I have an overbite like a meerkat and long legs like a cheetah.  You judge if I look like a meerkat!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Earlier this afternoon there was a BIG earthquake!  The people were out shopping (what else?) when it happened and they were still talking about things falling off the shelves at the store, just like "footage" from earthquakes in places like Japan or California when they got home.  Please!  Its nap time!  Shhhh.....  If the sun fell out of the sky and ruined a purrfectly good sunbath, well, yes, that would be note worthy!  All this noise, shaking and rumbling!  How's a kitty to rest up for the midnight crazies?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Its breakfast time and your person is still sleeping.  You're hungry but what should you do?  Whap them in the face.  Hard.  Still asleep?  Sit your punky butt on their nose.  Works for me!  ***  purr  ***

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Story....

 I was a tiny kitten in a scary place with cages and loud, noisy cats and dogs.  For a while my brothers and sisters were there, but they left one by one, then I WAS ALL ALONE. I hollered and yelled 'cause I didn't like it. A man put his finger in my cage and I tried to hold on but couldn't.  So I yelled some more, but no one came.  A girl looked in.  I was still yelling when a little later a lady looked in.  She had a person open the cage and she held me and scratched me.  I could hear her heart and it sounded good, so I purred and purred.  She was showing everyone what a nice kitty I was, but no one looked and the man was following, telling people I was a bad scratching kitty!  She told the man it was only 'cause I was lonely and he shouldn't have pulled his finger away.  But still no one was interested in me, so the lady got mad and said she'd take me.

A couple days later I went home with the girl who looked in and the lady.  I was SO HAPPY!!!  When they let me out of the cage, I ranned and ranned  for 15 minutes 'cause it felt so good!!!  I did stop to look at some toys, but then I ranned some more!  They laughed at me the whole time!  But I didn't care.  The lady wanted to call me Jubilee, but the girl named me Sweet Pea.  I've never slept alone again.  The lady and girl laughed 'cause they were there to help the girl's granny find a dog, so this is also the story of how they helped find granny's dog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Z - Going outside
= - Snow
h - The people leaving for days - then who does the scratches????
k - Cat food with lumps, gravy, beef, chicken or vegables
E - People food except butter, whipped cream, milk or banilla ice cream
D - Being held any way but looking over the person's right shoulder

Saturday, August 13, 2011


10 of My Favorite Things:

1 - Wrastling!
k - Hide n' Seek, especially with the girl
d - Shredding cardboard!!
? - Watching kitty TV (um, looking out windows)
W - Super Supper!
@ - Walking on top of the bed's headboard and on railings
F - Running crazy through the house!!
: - Sleeping in the sun
e - Sleeping under the covers
7 - Sleeping on the good kitty pillow
9 - Sleeping inside the pillow case on the good kitty pillow
L - Playing tag and fetch with the girl
& - Playing with flicky toys, especially bunny kicking and biting the one that looks like Julie's tail!!
m - Whipped cream
g - Keeping a good book warm (while someone's reading), biting the corners of especially juicy ones
V - Being scratched and adored


This is all new to me!  I am a 5 year old tabby and this is the first time I've typed. My name is Oui Oui - alright, that is one of my many nicknames.  Its really Sweet Pea.  Some of my other nicknames are Twinkletoes and Sugar Bee.  I live with a part Siamese, Mica Minnie Moo, a part Persian brother & sister Carlos Raphael Camaro and Julie.  There are a couple humans, but one only comes home for a few months when the weather is really hot.  Then she gets lots of packages with books in them and she leaves for a long time.  But I love her surprise visits.  I love everyone!  I love playing with Mica Moo, and I want to play with Julie!  I don't mind when she hisses, growls or bites, I just want to play!  I've been trying to play with her since I was a kitten and I haven't given up.  She has a mean whap and can be scary, but I know she really just wants to play with me too.  I don't just play.  I have a job shredding cardboard that I take VERY seriously.  I work hard at it, and have gotten many compliments on my fine work. More to come...