Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Perch

Oui Oui finds the bestest places.  Then afore you know it, the rest of us kitties are copying her.

 For a long time, this was Oui Oui's spot.
No one else used it.

 Then MMM (sans eyebrows) discovered it.
She's really nervous.  See how her hackles are raised?
They were continually up for the first 9 months she lived here, 
even while she slept and ate.
We can't imagine what she would be like in a house with a bunch
of kids and dogs running around.

 Then Julie was up there, showing off her whiskers and toes.

Finally Carl, who never jumps up on anything but the bed and 
sometimes the kitty TV perch.
We're betting next the mom will be up there.

Next week the mom is going out of town for a couple days. Do you think we should have a house trashing party?  It is a little soon after our sad events, but we don't want to get too lonely either.  No hoopla.  Maybe just a few intimate friends?  What do you think?


Debra Taylor said...

You kitties could do a moderate house trashing so the 'beans don't have so much to clean up. And all of you are so lovely in the photos!

For all you folks and animals reading this my blog has stories and information helpful for cat helpers everywhere. Pass it on to your human ‘beans!
I pray that all cat blogosphere kitties stay happy and healthy!
Debby in Arizona

The Island Cats said...

We think a house trashing is definitely in order. Make sure you got lots of toilet paper for Ernie to unwind.

Sweet Purrfections said...

We think a house trashing party is definitely in order.

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We think a "tasteful" house-trashin is in order! Just let us know and we'll be there. Double that order on the toilet paper - Princeton likes it too!

Gigi said...

Well, I'm not sure there's really a good reason not to trash the house. I mean, she **is** 'bandoning you, right?

I'll be there. I'm not really very destructive, but I do shed a lot, and I can prolly frow up if you want. Ha ha ha!

The Chair Speaks said...

We love Julie's furry toes! :)

Thank you for visiting us and sending comforting words.
We love you. Purrs!

Summer at said...

Maybe a quiet house trashing would be appropriate.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

We think a house trashing party is definitely warranted. We'll bring some 'vine and Tutu wants to sit on the perch too. :) Oh, and show MMM how SHE puffs up her tail.

Marg said...

WE think a house trashing is a great great idea. Julie, we love your fluffy toes. Those are so great. And Oui Oui, what a good picture of you. You are so darn cute. Hope all have a good day.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We think house trashing is in order if your Mom is leaving you. Hannah will roll on the carpet to leave plenty of black furs for your Mom to clean up.
Lucy is very good at the cushion attack game!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

Purrfect pearchin' fur sure! Oh yes, let's trash the night away!!!

Marilia said...

Have a great weekend!

Mariodacat said...

A house trashing pawty sounds like fun to me. What better time to do it than when the peeps are away!

Angel Simba said...

Well, just don't call it a house trashing party. I am sure we could focus on group naps, and careful niptini piping etc. And fur shedding for sure.

Katnip Lounge said...

Maybe we could stage a protest group shedding event...along with a gentle yet thorough house trashing...nothing too tacky.

joan said...

It must be awful to feel as anxious as MMM does. Have you tried Kitty Valium?

Texas, a Cat in... Austin said...

Oui Oui: I think you should have the house trashing party! It is after all a way to tell your Mom you missed her, isn't it?
As for favorite spots, Milou always steals mine too. No imagination!


Oui Oui
You're a trend setter!

We would love to 'sneak' over for a modified house trashing!!!

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

can I come?

Love, Cody

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

That looks like a popular spot!
I don't think it's disrespectful to have a little fun. It's not like you've forgotten. But you should be able to enjoy yourself a little. Perhaps house trashing, but all the trashers will help clean, at least a little?

Gigi said...

Julie's toesies are pawsome, even more floofy than mine, and I have pretty pawsome toes if I do say so myself. XOXOXO

meowmeowmans said...

That perch sure looks great. It was so nice of Oui Oui to discover it for you all. :)

Did you say house trashing? You did??? Can we come over? Please?!

Hugs and headbonks,

Sammy and Moosey

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

We say paaaarrrtty!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

A house trashing is a great idea. We can come and try the perch out.

Old Kitty said...

Yay for OuiOui's favourite perch!!! How lovely to see sweet MMM, Julie,and Carl enjoying this spot!

Me and Charlie think you should have a lovely house trashing pawty! Enjoy!

Take care

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

You have to even ask about a house trashing party! The questions should be what date and time to we show up?! I'm in.
Thanks for sending the mom here the informaton on how to make changes to my blog. She got brave and made the changes.

Daisy said...

I agree, a subdued trashing sounds just right!

A Tonk's Tail said...

oooooh WE have places like that too! It gives mommy heart palpitations when we walk out there, she sez (MOL!).

Oh by the way, THANK you for commenting on Sebastian's blog - we didn't know our linky was broken. Thanks to you it's now fixed!!

Donna said...

Maybe u could watch moveys? :)

GreatGranny said...

I've nefer house trashed before, but I might could learn from you cute kitties. Oui Oui, it's sweet of you to share your perch.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Lots of parties this week! Why do beans have to go anywhere when they have us? We entertain them, we love them, and sometimes we even don't demand too much so they won't wear out!