Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking for Trouble in All the Right Places

There hasn't been much to do, so I'm looking high and low.  Maybe I'll have a better chance finding something from on top of the headboard of the kitty bed.

 Nothing over that way

 Nothing down there


Gotta Go!

  Get ready to die, Mica Moo!

That was FUN!  Sisters are the best!


Mr Puddy said...

MOL.. Fight and then Let's make up...Snooze : )
I wish every Human Sis should have cattitude !

Hannah and Lucy said...

There's nothing better than a tussle to start the day off on the right paw.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Island Cats said...

Whoa! A sneak attack!! Excellent!!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Great photos and even better sisterly tussle.

Tama-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise said...

What a great photo shoot! We really enjoyed that!

The Chans

The Monkeys said...

The headboard is perfect for launching attacks (as you pointed out so perfectly)!!

Marg said...

Good whapping session you two. Glad you are still friends. We do that too. Nothing like a good snuggle after a good war. Take care.

Mariodacat said...

he he - you two are so cute together.

Forever Foster said...

What a fun wrestling photo! Sisters are fantastic :)

Brian said...

It sure looks like it was lots of fun!

Brian said...

It sure looks like it was lots of fun!

Katnip Lounge said...

Nothing like a rumble-tumble to alleviate a little boredom! I think sisters ARE great, too!