Friday, August 26, 2011

Whew! Its been a Busy Time IRENE!

The Mom Lady has been purry busy getting ready for Irene.  I never met this Irene before, but I have never seen the Mom this busy doing weirdo things!  She even packed 30 lbs. of ice in the freezer.  She said when Isabel came to visit (this was before my time) there was NO LECTRICITY FOR 4 DAYS.  WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???  I LIKE the cold blowy air!  She was saying she was worried about the wild animals Out There.  I hope the crabs in the Chesapeake Bay will be OK!  They are delishus! (My sisters wanted me to say that.  I don't like peoples food that much cept for BUTTER and whipped cream.)  And the crabs live kinda down the street from us, so they are like neighbors.  I am tired from supervising all this work and Mica Moo was NO help.  She did come around once to see what was going on but she was in shock after going to the V.E.T.s.  And getting a bath.

The Girl isn't going away now until after Irene leaves.  She was really stressing cause she was sposed to move the same time Irene was visiting.  I was xtra snuggley with her which I know she appreciated.  That was just to show what a nice kitty I am and I don't hold grudges CAUSE SHE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE BATH!  I yelled at her as loud as I could, but I will hafta tell that story another time.

We will be purring and purraying for all who Irene visits!  Please don't take chances.  Stay inside, especially the littler kitties who might get blown away.  And remember the wild creetures, specially the crabs and the shrimps.


RoySr said...

All of you please be safe from the storm, and take extra special care of the beans. Maybe if you give lots more attention to The Girl she will change her mind and stay all the time.

Thanks for the visit. Hope you will come again, and again, and again .....

Again, be safe.

Marg said...

We sure hope you stay safe from Hurricane Irene. We have all our paws crossed for you. We sure are glad to meet you Twinkle toes and thanks so much for visiting our blog. We love your blog and will be back. Take care.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We hope you are all safe from Hurricane Irene - it sounds so scary for you all. Take special care.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx