Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Minnie Moo Explains...

Hi all you purry nice kitties!  I was worried you would think I was really mean, so the Lady suggested I talk to you a little before continuing.  She and the Girl think I had a very rough life (yes, I was listening in under the couch).  They said any kitties who had their hackles up for 9 months and next to no trust must have had a terrible life. They tried to figure out if I was Out There so long I was turning Completely Wild or maybe I went Out There because of a horrible person and I wanted to start a better life.  Being a mysterious kitty I didn't tell them (and I wanted to keep listening too).  I was also feeling a bit sorry for myself!

The Lady said it broke her heart cause she could see if I had a good home from the beginning I would be a wonderful kitty.  I was a little surprised cause I thought ALL kitties were wonderful just the way they are!  I think she must like it when I sometimes reach out and rest my paw on her arm.  I played with her hand purry gently a couple times and she thought that must be how a mother kitty touches her babies.  In the middle of the night I love scratches and I don't want them to end!  I don't pull away, or worry about needing to escape.  I don't lean away from her hand.  I am not scairt at all!! She told me if she didn't know it was me from my purry soft furs, she would think it was another kitty!

There was a purry special kitty who came before.  The Lady's sister rescued him and he came to live with the Lady.  He had been torchered and thrown out of a moving car.  He was missing teeth and furs, his pads were deformed the rest of his life and was covered in so many lumps he was named Lumpy.  Lumpy would spazz if anyone picked him up.  The Lady worked with him and finally when he was 15 years old, he stopped spazzing out.  I think the Lady is hoping I don't take THAT long!  He was part Meezer, like me.  She says I may not be the kitty she was thinking she was getting, but I am the kitty she got.  I don't hit Carl anymore, but I still like to walk up and hiss at him!

I guess I'll talk about Julie next time!  The Lady wanted me to say she is trying to visit, but she has been working until 10 pm, and it is hard to leave comments when she is falling asleep.  She appreciates all the nice visiting kitties and hopes to comment purry soon.


Marg said...

We are glad to hear your story since our Magnolia is acting somewhat the same. She wants nothing to do with our Mom. We really enjoyed hearing your story Minnie Moo. Take care and have a really good day.

Fuzzy Tales said...

We're glad you're not so scared anymore and enjoy getting scritches. Lumpy's story was horrifying. We hope that many awful things have happened to the person(s) who did that to him, but we all know there seldom is justice for actions like that. At least he had a good home with the Lady.

Anonymous said...

Finding night time scritches is a big step forward! QM had a few "outside cats" she pleaded her mama and papa and got to adopt them. She remembers one always kept her distance from the other kittehs, but 2 settled in but it did take months. Give yourself time, and trust will grow in your heart. Hoomins are really docile critters!

We'd like to wish y'all a Happy Last Long Weekend of the Summer *sigh*...but now Autumn has room to move in and home meade baking apples smell grreat!
Rose and the Royals

Brian said...

I think you are going to do wonderfully fine, and you are purrfect just being you!!!