Thursday, August 25, 2011


Its been a really busy day  ALL OF US WENT TO THE VISHUS EVIL TORCHERER (V.E.T.) and got poked and pinched and poisoned.  The day was complete with yelling, swearing, scratching and biting!  I will try to tell you the story tomorrow but the Mom Lady has been purry purry busy with the Girl leaving and Irene.

Please all of you kitties (and your beans) please stay safe during the bad wether!  I'll be saying purrayers.  Also, make sure your people have hand can opener not a lectric one! Kitties must still be fed even if there is no lectricity!  (Mom Lady just told me most have pop tops.  Still, better safe than sorry.)

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Brian said...

I hope all was okay with the vet visit. Y'all be extra safe, that evil Irene is headed your way. Update after the storm as soon as you can so we know you're all okay.