Friday, August 19, 2011

My Story....

 I was a tiny kitten in a scary place with cages and loud, noisy cats and dogs.  For a while my brothers and sisters were there, but they left one by one, then I WAS ALL ALONE. I hollered and yelled 'cause I didn't like it. A man put his finger in my cage and I tried to hold on but couldn't.  So I yelled some more, but no one came.  A girl looked in.  I was still yelling when a little later a lady looked in.  She had a person open the cage and she held me and scratched me.  I could hear her heart and it sounded good, so I purred and purred.  She was showing everyone what a nice kitty I was, but no one looked and the man was following, telling people I was a bad scratching kitty!  She told the man it was only 'cause I was lonely and he shouldn't have pulled his finger away.  But still no one was interested in me, so the lady got mad and said she'd take me.

A couple days later I went home with the girl who looked in and the lady.  I was SO HAPPY!!!  When they let me out of the cage, I ranned and ranned  for 15 minutes 'cause it felt so good!!!  I did stop to look at some toys, but then I ranned some more!  They laughed at me the whole time!  But I didn't care.  The lady wanted to call me Jubilee, but the girl named me Sweet Pea.  I've never slept alone again.  The lady and girl laughed 'cause they were there to help the girl's granny find a dog, so this is also the story of how they helped find granny's dog.

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Kiril Kundurazieff said...

And such a cute Dog, too!

Hee, hee! ;-D