Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After a few days, I met the other kitties.  Being a smart street cat, I knew a good offense is a good defense (Mom Lady:  And she certainly was offensive!).  I hissed at everything!  Stuffed animals that looked like kitties, pillows that sort of looked like kitties, a clay pot that looked like a kitty, a towel that smelled like kitties, kitties... The Lady started calling me Miss Hiss, she had to hide all those things cause I wasn't taking any chances.  When I felt more comfy, I walked up to each and every kitty (except Julie, cause I wasn't allowed to meet her), hissed right in their faces and whomped them as hard as I could. I did this whenever I saw them or when I had nothing better to do.  Specially Carl, I like whapping him so I go out of my way just to do it!

After a month or so, I was ready to sleep at "Kitty Central" - the big bed with lots of kitty pillows.  I walked up to each kitty, hissed at him/ her and whapped really hard, then I would pick a nice place near them and take a nap.  Being a bad *ss is really hard work and I had to let them know even if I was asleep, I am not someone to mess with.  So DON'T TRY IT!  Fortunately the other kitties just looked at me, most times Carl didn't even wake up!  I treated Carl like this for almost a year but I only did it to Oui Oui for a couple weeks cause she is a sweet and playful kitty!  There was another really old oranj kitty, Toby, but he ran off to the bridge before I stopped hissing at him.  He too was a formerly feral kitty who was born in a barn, so he understood.

Just so everyone knew exactly who they were dealing with (and cause I was really scairt on the inside)  I kept my hackles up ALL the time.  While I played, while I ate, while I slept.  The Lady would massage them so I would relax, but I had them up from my Gotcha time in the middle of the hots until when the flowers came up after the cold.  When the Girl came home for the hots, I put them up for another month!  Just in case...

 Eating with raised hackles

 Sleeping with raised hackles

Oui's raised hackles the first time she saw me

I'll have to tell the story of Julie next time...if one of us doesn't kill the other one first!!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, my...We can see that things were very...interesting in your house for a long time!

The Island Cats said...

You really were a bad *ss! We hope you have settled down by now.

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, you were one tough kitty when you first got there!