Saturday, August 27, 2011

So Fur, Irene is a Pussycat!

Two of us will be reporting.  Carl was combed and his man cat pride hurt, so he is sulking under the bed.  Julie was napping.  So here's my report:

The Kitty TV was purry boring.  Chipmunk Antics and Bird Buddies were canceled due to the whether.  Sun bathing wasn't possible.  Its been raining since noon, but at least the trees are dancing nicely.  The peoples TV said 50,000 peoples and kitties don't have lectricity.  I hope they have hand can openers and lots of dry crunchies.  The bad part of the storm should be starting soon and last until 2 am.  When Irene hit land it was moving due north so it would have come right up the Chesapeake Bay, but then it moved north east.  So its sposed to pass about 20 miles east of OC (Ocean City for you non Murlin folks). Now I'm purry worried about the wild ponies on Assateague Island.  I hope they are smart ponies and know good hiding places that are way above sea level.  I like visiting them and don't believe they are vishus and would really bite anyone even if they are feral.  They like to put their noses in the car windows looking for food.  You aren't sposed to feed them, but some people must or they wouldn't do it.  The winds are sposed to get up to 40-55 miles per hour sustained (whatever that means).  That's my report!  If Irene turns mean, I will update.  Also, don't forget the delishus crabs.  All this fresh water rain and run off isn't good for them.

Hi, this is Mica Minnie Moo reporting.  Today was like most Saturdays.  The Lady washed dishes, did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms while the Girl ran the loud, scary sucky monster.  No body was too busy to give out scratches any time any one wanted them.  The girl combed Carl and his language was atroshus.  He even scairt Oui.  The Girl volunteered to do it cause she tells him in a stern voice "OH NO YOU DON'T!" when he wants to bite and he doesn't.  She says it works on horses too.

Oooo!  The lights started flickering!  The fun is starting!

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